Std 12 Biology toppers do not join Homeopathy courses


A “ fit certificate “ or “ sick certificate “ from a Homeopathy, Unani or Ayurvedic Doctor is not accepted anywhere. Not in Govt. organizations nor in Pvt. companies. This is not without reasons.

As seen in the news papers ( and also known other wise ) the toppers of AI-PMT /
CET ( Medical ) exams do not join Unani or Homepathy colleges. They toppers join the best of the MBBS courses.

Though these ( Unani, Ayurvedic ) medicines are being practiced in some form or other; Homeopathy came to India from Germany, through Dr. Hahnemann. Only of – late in 1999 a doctor from Pune university became the 1st PhD in Homeopathy. In last 10 years we may guess the other doctors doing PhD in these will be less than 10. A little bit of search on the net will show that these medicines remain disputed for various reasons.

In contrast many of the professors at AIIMS Delhi, PGI Chandigarh, JIPMAR Puducherry etc are PhDs in respective branches.

Just because degrees are being awarded in Homeopathy, Ayurved, Unani etc does not guarantee that EVERY medicine used by these schools are “ side effect free “.
If the doctors and professors of these schools are absolutely confident that none of the medicines used have any side effect then why are they not taking certificates of rigorous clinical trials and selling the medicine in the international market is a mystery.

In these discussions most commonly historical references are quoted. Why not new research with new medicines and cheaper solutions are brought forth ?

From 1800 s till approx 1950 s when the modern periodic table got its shape, not a single Indian name is found to discover a chemical element. World wide geologists, Mineralogists, Chemists were analyzing all kinds of ores, minerals, rocks, sea algae etc and finding so many new things including new elements; what was Indian contribution in that effort ?

We do hear names like Lucasin from Ayurveda history. But if the medicines were really so effective then why did Europeans, Americans etc did not like to use these ? Or is it that Indians could not market them ?

Finally I never got answers to the questions that were asked.

Thanks and Regards
Prof. Subhashish


Got from Economic Times 19-Nov-2010 by MUKUL SHARMA

SOME things shouldnt work,but they do. Homeopathy is a classic example. One of the things that its originator,Dr Samuel Hahnemann,claimed was that the more a medication was diluted,the more effective it would be since the dilution process apparently potentised the drugs ability and enhanced its spiritlike medicinal power.But even a normal dilution of,say,30C one followed by 60 zeroes means having only one molecule of the substance in a sphere of water with a diameter of 150 million kilometres.At higher dilutions that are supposed to be much more effective,there are no molecules of the medication left at all!
Now Hahnemann,who was not a fool,knew this could sound like poppycock.So he devised a further theory maintaining that the absent molecules were irrelevant to the treatment process because the water they had originally been dissolved in retained a memory of the substance.However,this too is bilge because if water has memory then all the water in the world should by now remember everything that has ever been dissolved in it and be the ultimate panacea for all diseases.
Be that as it may,the fact still remains that homeopathy works about 30% of the time.Scientists attribute this to the placebo effect the beneficial effect in a patient following a particular treatment with an ineffectual substance such as a sugar pill that arises from the patients faith in the intervention rather than from the intervention itself.But heres another irony : no one knows how placebos work 30% of the time,either.Its another thing,like homeopathy,that shouldnt work but does.Yet,placebos are so important in the allopathic drug manufacturing process (for conducting double blind trials in which the identity of those receiving a test treatment is concealed from both administrators and subjects until after the study is completed ) that without it no real drugs could ever be made.

Nevertheless,the one thing that becomes clear is that expectation or belief in getting results works.In other words,faith works.Its sort of official,too. A meta-analysis of previous studies done by the National Institute for Healthcare Research in the US,which analysed nearly 126,000 people and was published by the American Psychological Association,found that regular churchgoers were more likely to live longer by you guessed it! a margin of 30%.

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2 thoughts on “Std 12 Biology toppers do not join Homeopathy courses

  1. Ayurveda atleast has not got its due, since its not be adopted by our government as an alternative medicine.

    If India recognizes it and makes enough publicity, its possible that Ayurveda will get enough international recognition.

    I am not a fan of baba ramdev, however his patanjali yog peeth is doing a good job of making Ayurveda popular again.

    PS: Between 1800 – 1950, indians were initially busy fighting among themselves and later the British.



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