Observations in Pune

Here’s a butterfly of Pune for u…

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I visited Pune for 3 days. This was after 18 years.

As I moved around the city keeping my ” Veterinary Doctor level ” concentration / observation at its peak …

1 > Saw NEW of :
– A lady municipality sweeper was inserting stones in the broom, as she wanted to SPREAD her broom for better sweeping area.
Since my childhood days I have seen some people at times insert a conical wood piece to do the same, but ( i guess ) as a
temporary solution never saw stones to be inserted.

– In Sadashiv Peth, Near the Bridge at Thosar Paga there is a Crematorium and an ” Old age home ” named Niwara.
Behind these some people were whistling and signaling birds with Black flags. A large number of Birds of different types
were responding to all these. Each type were grouped separately flying at different heights.

– In a street hoarding a lady claimed herself to be ” Daughter and Disciple of … ( her ) Father “!

2 > saw LOTs of :
– Institutes, Agencies, Clinics, Free services, organisations … surely the number / density will be much more than
Bangalore / Chandigarh

3 > Learned new term :
– ” Peswagiri ” – meaning a cool, relaxed / laid back life style giving a damn to priorities.
At Chandigarh there is a term ” Showsagiri “. This as originated from ” Show off “. Some people will project a lavish
life even when earning pretty less

4 > saw MORE of :
– The College / Working girls driving scooty wore a piece of cloth around their face and head
As if some kind of Hindu Borkha!
I understand the obvious benefit of reducing the Tanning Effect by the Sun and no getting easily identified with her
boyfriend … ( but I also understand that ALL girls are NOT doing it in EVERY city in EQUAL proportion )
In some cases it was the chunni itself but in some cases it was a separate cloth.
In Chandigarh some of the girls do the same and also wear a long white gloves which goes beyond the elbow.
The % of Nubile girls hiding their faces was surely MORE than any other place.

– The teen aged girls cycling down for Tuitions / college / school. In Bangalore this is rarely seen

5 > saw LESS of :
– Rarely saw the 2 wheeler drivers wearing a helmet. In Chandigarh and Kolkata since ages now the police have enforced this very well. In Chandigarh almost 100% non-Sardar two wheeler driver will be wearing a Helmet.

– For GOOD the number of street hoarding / advertisement Banners are very less.

At Chennai since long this has reached ” visual pollution ” level.

– Traffic Jams / Density much less compared to most big cities

6 > Got IMPRESSED of :
– The Auto drivers are so nice that they ask for 28 Rs as per the meter and NOT 30 ! They do not bargain before going
nor refuse. In one case my bill was 53 and as he was happy ” talking to me ” said it will be fine if u give me 50 !
Also at Pune the autos are available 24 hours.

In contrast the BASTARDS in Bangalore at all times of the broad day light will normally refuse to go!

After lot of ” pleading ” may go for 1.5 / 2 times the meter charge approximated to nearest upper multiple of 10 ! so if to go somewhere the meter should normally read 22 Rs will become 50 !

7 > As Usual :
– stupid people playing daily lotteries

Apart from all these Pune remains interesting because of
– ” Zoological survey of India ” office and
– ” Institute of Veterinary and Biological products “.

[ Strictly I would NOT like to mention –

SNDT, Ferguson College, Symbiosis, IUCAA, The largest Radio telescope of the world, CDAC Headquarters, Super Computing Research Centre and PARAM, Osho commune, Women’s Jail, NCL, Film Institute and archives. Most people in Pune do not know about them then by ” extrapolation ” why should these be important for me ?


Subhashish the Zookeeper



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