IFB Service doesnt exist in Bangalore

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Please be EXTREMELY careful in case you are planning to buy any IFB appliance in Bangalore.

No service exists ! IFB guys have no customer focus. They are not helping, nor concerned about any problem of yours.


Microtek UPS service in Bangalore is very bad. Twice I bought Microtek UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply ) from Powercone System, Kempanna Layout, Seshadripuram, Bangalore. Both times the UPS burned up around / before 2 years. No guarantee and warrantee was honored. No replacement is given. While selling all are very eager to sell. Many services are promised. After something goes bad, then the actual colour of service is understood. The stories told me …. We do not repair the UPS here in Bangalore. We have to send it to our Repair shop in North India. It generally comes after 3 weeks or more. ( These stories are never told while selling the things ).

It is much better to buy a UPS that is manufactured in the same city, locally. Then the repair and support may be better. For all Electronic Items, the least cost one must be bought. In any case warranty and Repair will be a big issue. If the least cost one is bought and it needs to be replaced, we do not have to bear much loss. The costly one also in any case has the same fate.


Summary ( Observations )
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1 ) The complains recorded in Call centre is NOT tracked for closure. In many cases the calls are closed without visiting the customer at all.

2 ) IFB has outsourced service to a company named ” Silicon India “. Thus IFB as a company does not want to show any ownership for your problems.

3 ) The ” Silicon India ” guys have no skills. Often after lot of followup / reminders even if they visit your home, will be without tools, without spares.

Will diagnose wrongly, open things one by one unnecessarily and will only try to change most costly parts.

4) The silicon India guys do not carry any identity cards. Once 2 guys came to my home in the evening DRUNK. I complained to Silicon India, IFB and TVSe Chennai.
No action or apology from any one was reported ever.

5 ) The Silicon India mechanics are more interested in ” personal business “. As soon as they see a customer without Annual maintenance contract, they will propose if they can try to solve the problem

” privately “.

The skill level is same, that is ZERO. And thus one by one will replace the Motor, cards, pump whatever and keep charging money. The sole aim is to take away all good parts and sell somewhere else, and put other old parts in the machine.

6 ) IFB has only 3 mechanics for remaining part of Karnataka. The IFB Bangalore Manager and Assistant Manager never could send those guys to my home even after several followups for my problems. The standing excuse is that these 3 guys are out of station. Even though they promise to inform me or call back, they never called back.

7 ) No training is provided to all these mechanics for new models such as Digital models.

8 ) The spare parts are very costly, not available in open market and thus IFB fleece the customer very badly.

Details of all that happened with me –

In Bangalore the service has been outsourced to a company named Silicon India. From websites there is no way to reach them.

As I talked to the call centre a few times they gave me a wrong name of a Manager ( Ms Pavithra ) with wrong telephone number. Later I came to know that manager has already left.

They call centre gave me an email id which was wrong and bounced. ( ifbhelpdesk@tvs_e.com )

I could finally manage 2 land line numbers, out of which 1 I realized is NOT WORKING / disconnected long time back. The other land line has lot of disturbance in talking.

With lot of difficulty I could contact ” Silicon India ” without realizing that I am NOT talking to IFB.

After 2 weeks of followup a guy named Feroz came without any equipments. He had NO clue about the technology and circuit. He admitted that he NEVER has opened a Digital 7 kg before !

He vanished by promising me that next day he will come with another guy who knows the things. 1 week passed …. I started following up again.

I told the Manager ( John and Klara ) that I do not want to deal with Feroz. Pls send someone else.

To my surprise after 2 days Feroz again came with another short heighted guy. BOTH WERE  DRUNK.

As I quizzed them I realized that they do not have any identity card, nor they are from IFB. They are from Silicon India.

They opined that my washing machine motor is bad. I disagreed as there was no sign of burning or whatever else.

From the website I can not find any email or any direct contact of IFB Managers.

I wrote complains in the website, which went to Chennai TVSe and IFB Bangalore Manager. The assistant manager called me and promised to sent IFB mechanic.

He never contacted me back. I followed up with him so many times ( 9379056930 ). All without any use. Always he says that after 2 days I will send my mechanic !

These guys get their salary even if any number of customers are unhappy.

I opened the washing machine myself. Moved and rotated different parts as well tightened all the wires. I guess something was loose somewhere, my machine started working !

In this process I saved 9000 Rs instead of changing a good motor as per the advice of the DRUNKARDS.

After my washing machine worked fine for 3 more months, ( in which time NO one from TVSe, IFB or Silicon India ever enquired if my problems were solved )
suddenly one day a new problem started. It stopped working. The symptoms were completely different from the first issue, which got corrected of its own.

I once again tried to tighten all the wires etc. Thats the max I can do of my own but the problem persists.

As I contacted the assistant manager again, ( as I do not want to deal with Silicon India guys any more ),
that promise of sending of mechanics after 2 days continues. He speaks nicely over the phone, but just does not help.

He gets his salary REGARDLESS my washing machine works or not.

After all this if you wish to buy an IFB product, I am sure you are adventurous.

You can mail me at    mokshya@indiatimes.com   in case you want to know my further experience that awaits me from future of today !

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Thanking you

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21 thoughts on “IFB Service doesnt exist in Bangalore

  1. This is a peril of globalisation. “Global” (=American) companies want to sell their products in India to take advantage of WTO agreement India made few years back. But they do not want to offer any customer care as it’ll cost them money. IFB do have a service in Delhi, including repair workshops, but it took my family three months to get a small knob replaced.

    Some discredit must also go to lazy Indian workers and managers who do not want to serve their own countrymen and women.

    It’s an irony by all standards why Coca Cola produces top-quality drinks in Europe and US, but toxic drinks in India. And still they get away with it.


  2. I purchased IFB wahing machine Elite model. It is not working. I tried to call service numbers in Chennai which have no response. The first year waranty coming during 1st week of December 2008. what should I do.


  3. I agree with this totally…i am going through the same problem here for the 2nd time. An outsourced company called Deepa Enterprises keeps sending useless technicians and the problem is not yet resolved after 2 weeks of continous calling and begging/pleading to them…they don’t show up, make excuses, come and do some nakra as if they know what is going on, don’t fix it and then walk away saying they have to get more parts!

    I am totally fed-up and ready to dump the machine and write it off as another bad Indian experience ;( I wish there was a Better Business Bureau of something to nail these bastards!


  4. I bought a new Elena DX few days back. Waited for 2 days for the service center to call me for the installation but they didn’t call. I went to the dealer and asked them about it, and they said that I will receive a call today. Today I was just checking the unopened machine and to my surprise found water in the water nose and soap water in the drainage pipe. I have registered complaint with the service center and they have promised me a replacement within 24 hours. Lets wait and see the progress…


  5. Hi,

    I do not know where we are going. I have a Whirlpool washing machine and I can see and identify with all the pains all the friends have described. AMC is outsourced to some local firm. The guy comes, and keeps changing parts and the problem remains – just imagine the water keeps flowing through the machine in one stage for 2 hours and the program does not move! I was planning to shift to IFB but now have to recheck my thoughts.



  6. I live in Delhi and have an AMC with IFB and complained at the number given in AMC form when the machine stopped working. The workmen came the next day and diagnosed the cause to be a motor fault saying they will be back next day as the motor needed to be replaced. This meant that one day of office work was already lost. However, they did not turn up next day and on calling number 25776208 we were told that the motor is not in stock. On insistence that we be provided with a motor as soon as possible as we had already taken a day off to attend to the initial visit, we were told to dial another number 9999692170. A lady called Ankita at this number told us the same story, that a motor is not available but that it will be changed the next day in the morning part. When it did not arrive this morning, meaning third day of waiting for the workman to come and set the machine right, we rang this number repeatedly till it was picked up. We were again told that the motor is not in stock but she will see to it that it will be done today itself. Now it is 7.15 in the evening and I have to take a fourth day off tomorrow, hoping the workman with the motor will come.

    We don’t know for how long we have to keep ringing and waiting — we are simply told again and again the motor is not in stock! Whose responsibility is to make sure that spare parts are kept in stock? Why are these people not pulled up by the Company so that instead of making false promises they are provided with the spare parts. I am not going to renew the contract — it is a waste of money and I feel really cheated at having spent so much money on it year after year and then being harassed like this. Dr Meena, Delhi Customer code 2302189


  7. Although IFB washing machines are good their service is worst in hyderabad also.

    Hi Friends,Don’t become fool by buying IFB products.Last week I have given complaint to Global customer care in their site.But still no response.

    What the hell these guys are…


  8. I was about to buy an IFB front load washing machine but I will definitely reconsider my decision now. IFB machines are too costly; which is fine if quality and service are good enough but looks like their service is one of the worst.


  9. AMS more than 2000 Rs. per year we pay just to be cheated !! worst maintenance service!!!

    Believe it or not! My IFB washing machine is under AMC; it stopped working from October 2010 and from the time I started sending so many complaint calls, e-mails and letters to all the authorities of IFB that I could find in the internet. But, till now, no use. Although educated, they not even have the courtesy to give an appropriate response to their customers. Now, I have decided to face them legally.


  10. i have a IFB senator bought 2yrs ago, it has broken down for nearly 4 times an avg of 6 mnths and every time call centre people promise of taknig action within 24 hrs but today after 72hrs, no one has responded and laundry load is piling on each day.


  11. Never go for ifb appliances they only know to sell d products and after that they forgot the customer regarding service. Product is good but the service is extremely bad in orissa.


  12. I too have had a very bad experience first with my IFB micro wave oven and now with my IFB Washing machine, which I am unable to use from past 1 week. I am suffering because of IFB’s poor service. The Service Technician by name Ponraj from a service agency at kanakpura (Some…… Sai ….. something, Proprietor of the agency is Inbanathan) can to resolve the problem. Before him another person came who could not do much. The only this They have been playing around with my machine from past one week. Now they say the drum has to be replaced. Not sure if they have the expertise to rectify the issue.


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