Dr. Ashwin Mahesh your MLA candidate for Bommanahalli

Dr Ashwin Mahesh is contesting 2013 poll for Bommanahalli Assembly Constituency

Dr. Ashwin is Capable

Loksatta Party started in 1996, to bring Democratic Reforms. Started the practice of monitoring and publicizing the criminal backgrounds of politicians.

A party that believes politics should be a Noble Profession, where public officials and representatives are inspired to build a great country and society.

– Transparency in funding. Every donation you make to Loksatta is accounted for and you will receive a receipt that you can get a tax exemption under Section 80 (G).

– Loksatta Party Rejects and opposes traditional vote-gathering techniques like buying votes, arousing animosities on sectarian grounds, enticing people with short-term sops and freebies, running politics as big business, abusing public office and trust for private gain, indulging in dynastic politics.

See more at http://www.ashwin4mla.org/why-loksatta.html

Dr Ashwin is Capable

– Ex-NASA Scientist with a Ph.D from University of Washington, U.S, in Climate Studies

– Faculty at National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS) at IISc, Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT)

– Ashoka Fellowship award for Social Development

– Co-founder & CEO of an IT company that develops technology for solving problems in Municipal Administration, Traffic and Transport, Jobs, Healthcare, Environment.

– Co-founder of IndiaTogether.org, a highly respected internet magazine that focuses on socio-developmental issues relevant to India.

– Acknowledged Expert in Urban Development and Governance, who has applied research in mobility, planning, capacity building in government.

– Voted as “one of the 50 change makers of the world” by the popular and respected WIRED magazine from UK.

Dr Ashwin cares

He is the driving force behind many IT backed initiatives to improve the quality of public life – Traffic and Transport (BTIS.in), Ambulance tracking, City Administration (bcity.in) and City Heritage (  bangaloreheritage.in  )

Designed and executed Big10, a direction-based bus service that has made a huge improvement in bus transport efficiency and popularity in Bangalore.

Worked to improve dealing with the waste efficiently within the city limits through initiatives like Dumping Saaku

Enabled cycle-sharing program, Namma Cycle, at IISc, and creating cycle lanes on roads, to promote cycling as a sustainable transport alternative, Actively encouraged and strengthened community involvement in restoring and developing the city’s Lakes ( Puttenahalli,  Arakere,  KK Halli,  Ambalipura )

He is a trusted and respected advisor to many departments – BBMP, Traffic Police, BMTC, and other city agencies, as well as Urban Development Dept.

Dr. Ashwin has an AGENDA

– Implement Decentralisation (  74th Amendment  )

– Increase power to local governments and citizens

– Strengthen Ward Committees.

– Good jobs, and a strong economy

– Promote skill development courses linked to industry

– Improve access to credit for self-employed persons and small businesses.

– Strengthen Town Planning and Housing Development

– Promote good infrastructure, EWS Housing, public facilities

– Tackle corruption seriously and effectively

– Empower Lokayukta, reform government procurement and contracting

– Promote citizens’ right to oversee local projects

– Public Spaces and Quality of Life issues

– Improve air quality, and promote responsible waste management

Please also see http://www.ashwin4mla.org/why-ashwin.html

How can you support –

Become a volunteer and join the campaign team by giving a missed call to 080-4931 1234

Share Ashwin’s message with your friends and within your circle of influence

Click here to sign-up as a volunteer for Ashwin4MLA” ->


Follow him at  facebook -> www.facebook.com/ashwin4mla 

Twitter -> www.twitter.com/ashwin4mla 

see www.ashwin4mla.org      and   www.loksatta.org

Please Give a missed call at 080-4931 1234

Provide references to other like minded people who may support

Dr Ashwin did very well in 2013 polls

Loksatta Performance


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