Mathematics – Physics and Freedom of Women

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In blogs I am talking about Maths, Physics ???? ….

Initially I decided not to talk about these subjects, but deep rooted bad habits die hard.

In Maths and Physics there are beautiful theorems / proofs that show that ” CERTAIN THINGS CAN NOT BE DONE “.

Example from MathsTrisecting of an angle by only use of compass and scale ( ruler ), in case the angle is a non – multiple of 90 degree.

Since ages cranks have come up with some method or other to trisect an angle. After a few days locally someone theoretically shows that the method is wrong / approximate. This game goes on. There is a weird subject named Topology ( my friend circle is low, I am shy, and I meet very few good people in life … so I never met anyone who could explain me various practical applicability of the learning’s of Topology ! ) in which Theoretically it has been PROVED since long that Trisecting of an angle is NOT possible.

Now cranks will not know or read Topology but will keep trying whacky things. At least 3 times in my life I saw newspaper articles congratulating some stupid who has solved this age old problem, found a method for trisecting an angle, found a method to draw a Square with the same area of a GIVEN circle etc …

In fact a Maths Prof wrote a hilarious book describing the various addictive topics that cranks choose decades after decades repeatedly, and claim to solve them. Most of these problems are already proved to be UNSOLVABLE and / or there is NO practical benefit of solving them. [ e.g is a angle is actually needed to a trisected or n – sected it can be practically done easily, without describing the huge / vast modern Graphics / Engineering design softwares ]. Cranks with low IQ choose poor / stupid topics for solving / researching.

M2 – More than 1000 years ago Apes solved the Quadratic Equation. After a few Hundred years after that some People solved the Cubic equation.

[ Solving means the general roots in terms of coefficients ].

Give and take a few Centuries more the general solution to the Quartic Equation was found. Cranks will keep on trying to find general solution for Quintic ( a x^5 + b x^4 + c x^3 + d x^2 + e x + f = 0  which WILL have 5 solutions ) in terms of the coefficients ! Though Galois has showed that for Quintic Equations and above a General solutions JUST DOES NOT exist. Practically there are dozens of methods to find ALL solutions to ALL kinds of equations if required. If a root exists HUMAN beings CAN find it practically, a theoretical general solution is NOT required at all !

Example from Physics – There was a time in the last century where a very large number of research organisations were spending huge sums of money to MAKE more and more efficient engines.
A guy named Carnot gave a half page proof that maximum theoretical efficiency is ( T1 – T2 ) / T1 and all practical engines will be ALWAYS far lesser efficient, so all that STUPID thing that is being tried is a damn waste. When the proof arrived for the first time, lot of people tried to blow the fire off, as so much research funds were already pledged and used up !
P2 – In end of 19 th century when Maths was already 500 years mature and obfuscated from common people … there were Professors, PhDs and Bastards who published tons and tons of ” Research papers / articles ” covering Polarisation of Ether, Properties of Ether etc. In the last decade of that century Michelson and Morley showed by a simple experiment that Ether DOES NOT EXIST. So what about Polarisation Properties of some thing that DOES NOT EXIST, twisted with most complex Mathematics ??

In Physics , Maths a theorem is something which is Already PROVED. Now if you do not understand a Proof, deny it, ignore it, organize agitations against it, it just DOES NOT matter. The truth remains the truth regardless you know it or u agree with it. Is ALWAYS true.

[ I want to repeat this above point again to emphasize –

” if u do not understand something, or be unaware, or disagree with the TRUTH then TRUTH does not change “ ]

One of my hobbies is to collect ” Almost Theorems ” for real life. In real life theorems are not possible as something which is true for ALL are almost not possible.

But ” statistically significant ”  to   ->  ” true for MAJORITY ” are found in many cases.

To take an example Almost ALL people have their heart on slightly left side of their body. And also the left lungs is slightly pressed and smaller than the right lungs for this reason. The subjects of Medicine depends on this generalized truths ” almost theorems “. Meaning a Doctor will always put her stethoscope on the left side of the chest !

Now the BIG but … There are rare cases of Mirror image people, where internal organs are mirrored.

For these very rare people the heart is on the right side.

So I understand in real life there can be rare aberrations but some things can be generally true.

Subjects like Management, Medicine, Psychology, Finance, Stock market etc thrive on facts that are true for most or rather generally true.

[ Thus I am using the term ” almost Theorems ” ]

So coming back to the real life topic ” Women’s Freedom ” I see NO BONDAGE exists.

If women are not bound by anything then seeking for freedom from what ?

I have not bound / restricted any woman from anything nor I have seen or met anyone who has done anything. In general most people are ‘ restricted ‘ by their own imaginations, own mental bondages / limits. Generally people are not liberated mentally and women are people as well.


Please do not forget women are people -> people are Humans -> Humans are Apes -> Apes are Animals.

Maths is very CRUDE. Anything that is TRUE for the Base Class ALL animals is true for women as well } { and for lesser mortals whose logic is poor … something which is specific to an animal may not be true for me so may be not true for you as well


So what amuses you is your problem.

What intimidates you is your problem …. Extend this what binds you, limits you is your problem.

” Women Freedom ” is an absurd combination of 2 completely unrelated words. A hugely contrasting example often helps to clarify points in minds of

” lesser mortals “.

{ similar to cartoons, creative writing – all that says the same truth in amusing manner }

Think of a term ” sky snake ” – what is sky snake ?

” Truck lamb ” – What is truck lamb ?

Now come back to ” women Freedom ” … freedom from what ?

Who is stopping whom ? kaun kisko bandh ke rakhha hai ?

I qualified for Engineering by appearing for Bihar Joint Entrance Exam. This used to be one of the toughest exams, as later I had compared several years question papers of various other Joint Entrance Exams of various states.

Now in those days ( I am not sure about the ” rule ” now ) every women used to get 30 or 40 marks added to her score and then given a rank for the JEE. Bihar Govt was encouraging and HELPING ” Oppressed Beauties ” to compete with ” Cannibal Brats “. { To clarify to lesser mortals that Boys like me are NOT cannibal brats nor Girls are oppressed Beauties ! }

Yet rarely girls are amongst the top 100 rankers. At the Joint entrance counseling session when a girl came to know my rank started talking to her other friends, which I had overheard … ” How does these guys get such  single digit or double digit ranks ?! ”

In Engineering for 4 years rarely 1 or 2 girls could even make it to top 20 of the class. As if the professors were biased towards them ! The Profs while teaching electro magnetics, Op-Amp circuit II were LOOKING at the girls in the class LESS and was LOOKING at the boys and teaching !!!

Those who are intelligent and Patient enough to read upto this will know Truths are independent of people, Some things PROVED can not happen and also what are social Theorems.


´ , ; , ´ .-‘”””‘-.´ ´, ; ,
\\|/ . .’ . . . . . ‘. . \|//
. .\-;- / . | . . | . .\ -;-/
. . // .; . . . . . . . ;. . \\
. .//__; :.´ ´ ´ .; ;__\\
. .`—-\’.’-…..-‘.’ /—– ‘
. . . . . .’.’.-.-,_.’ .’
. . . . . . ‘(´´(..-´
. . . . . . . ‘ – ‘


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