NCERT CBSE Physics Standard 12 Semiconductor Electronics Chapter 14 SKMClasses Logic gates Bangalore Subhashish Sir

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AND Gate Truth Table, symbol and logic

1a AND gate truth table symbols


2 Donor Card be a organ donor


NAND Gate Truth Table, symbol and logic

1a NAND gate truth table symbol logic


NOR Gate Truth Table, symbol and logic

1b NOR Gate truth Table symbol logic


OR Gate Truth Table, symbol and logic

1c OR Gate truth Table symbol logic


1d NOT Gate

1b Inverting bubble

NOT gate can be implemented by NOR Gate. All the pins have to be connected to same signal.

1c NOT gate with NOR

Similarly NOT gate can be implemented with NAND gates

1d NOT gate with NAND


1 Implementation of XOR gates by NAND gates

X-NOR Gate symbol, truth table

1e ex-NOR gate


x-OR Gate symbol, truth table

1f ex-OR gate symbol, logic truth table


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Boolean Algebra and Identities
1a Boolean algebra and identities


2 wall art man combing hair


Implementing OR Gate with NAND gates

1e Implementing OR gate with NAND gates

Implementing AND gate with NOR gates

1f AND gate implementation with NOR gate


1 Bachcha Okapi


1a Colour Code for Carbon Resistors 1b Colour Code for Carbon Resistors

1c Colour Code for Carbon Resistors

1d Colour Code for Carbon Resistors

1e Colour Code for Carbon Resistors


1 Black and white Twins


Varactor diode

3a Varactor Diode

Common emmiter

1f In a common emmiter configuration base E voltage

Common base

1g In a common base configuration the collector

Common emitter

1h In a common emitter amplifier the output resistance

Common base

1i In a common base amplifier circuit calculate

Common base

1j In a common base circuit of a transistor

Common emitter

2a A transistor is connected in a common emitter

2b A transistor is connected in a common emitter


1 endengered lizard


31a Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


Bears - Panda Bears - Rare Animals of the World


31b Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


1 hairless bear


31c Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


1 ibex


31d Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


1 percupine echidna


31e Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


1 rare blue colour crab


31f Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


1 rare west papua animal


31g Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


2 african-bush-elephant


31h Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


2 albino-turtle


31i Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


2 rare maned wolf


31j Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


2 rare rat


31k Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

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31l Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

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Half Adder made of XOR and AND gate
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31m Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


31n Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

31o Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

31p Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

31q Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


31r Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors


31s Conductivity mobility electron semiconductors

The following Videos are available for you ( As of Now ).  These explain tricky Physics  and Mathematics Numericals.

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you will get most videos. I say most because I do not upload all videos that I make. I have many more videos which are not in the net.

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search for videos in

you will get most videos. I say most because I do not upload all videos that I make. I have many more videos which are not in the net.



The following Videos are available for you ( As of Now ). These explain tricky Physics and Mathematics Numericals.

Eventually I will try to give Videos for full course here for you.

These covers PU ( Pre University courses, school / college ) courses, IIT JEE, AIEEE ( All India Engineering Entrance Examination ) , CET ( Combined Engineering Test ), AIPMT ( All India Pre Medical Test ), ISc ( Intermediate Science / Indian School Certificate Exam ), CBSE ( Central Board Secondary Exam ), Roorkey Joint Entrance Test Questions ( Discontinued since 2002 ), APhO ( Asian Physics Olympiad ), IPhO ( International Physics Olympiad ), IMO ( International Mathematics Olympiad ) , NSEP ( National Standard Exam in Physics ), RMO ( Regional Math Olympiad , India ), INMO ( Indian National Maths Olympiad ), Irodov Solutions, Prof. H C Verma ( Concepts of Physics ) Solutions etc.

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12 ) In your videos are you covering other Exams apart from IIT ?

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13 ) What is SCRA ?

Ans : – Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) board, for about 10 seats.That translates into an astonishing ratio of 1 selection per 10,000 applicants. The SCRA scheme was started in 1927 by the British, to select a handful of most intelligent Indians to assist them in their Railway Operations, after training at their Railway’s largest workshop, i.e. Jamalpur Workshop, and for one year in United Kingdom. The selected candidates were required to appear in the Mechanical Engineering Degree Examination held by Engineering Council (London).

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How women manipulate men

Gender Biased Laws in India


Violence against Men


Only men are victimised

Men are BETTER than women


Male Psychology

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Manginas, White Knights, & Other Chivalrous Dogs




This is part of the series on Descriptive Adjectives and words for Creative Writing. A word a day will take too long a time.
You have to read the stories much faster for easier remembering.

crotchety Having difficult contrary disposition

To learn the ” meaning ” of an adjective or word from the story. Stories are known as fiction because they have fictitious characters.
An acerbic criticism of some imaginary
( gulling, gamey, clamant, exigent, blabbing, gabbling, palavering, crotchety, inveigling, cantankerous, blarneying, wheedling, chousing ) women.

4 Zany mad shouting woman skmclasses Bangalore Subhashish Sir

Strange is this world …. Even the most harridan woman expects her husband to be uxorious.
witch chasing with broom

Reading all the stories will teach you most useful, practical, adjectives for women. The verbs explain what women do in the stories.

Humans enjoy a lot to listen to stories :-)
It is much easier to remember a word by associating it with stories. That’s what has been done in this site.

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Acerbic unjustified criticism SKMClasses

acerbic – Sour or bitter in taste. Harsh or corrosive in tone. “an acerbic tone piercing otherwise flowery prose”.

acerbic Tone  Sour or bitter in taste Harsh or corrosive in tone

Gull Cheating done by a woman Fool or hoax

Gull person who is gullible easy to take advantage

gulling – Make a fool or dupe of. Gull – Fool or hoax. codding. twitting – Harass with persistent criticism or carping.

when will he able to take criticism wrawling yowling again

Biased world woman harassing man

carping proud woman shouting

carping – Persistent petty and unjustified criticism. Raise trivial objections.

Short Story describing the word Carping is given at

Short Story describing the word Caviling is given by

caviling. chicaning. chousing – Defeat someone through trickery or deceit. jockeying, shafting

chousing Defeat through trickery deceit

She is always demanding sex SKMClasses

gamey – Suggestive of sexual impropriety. racy.

Gamey woman cheating

2 Gamay prostitutes

exigent Demanding attention 2

clamant – Conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry. Demanding attention. “clamant needs”. clamorous.

clamant woman Conspicuously offensively loud given to vehement outcry

Mom shouting not to play

strident – Being sharply insistent on being heard. “strident demands”. Unpleasantly loud and harsh. sibilant. spirant. fricative. continuant.

strident Being sharply insistent on being heard

Short Story describing Strident or explaining the meaning is at

exigent – Demanding attention. “regarded literary questions as exigent and momentous”. Requiring precise accuracy.
“became more exigent over his pronunciation”.

Short Story describing the word exigent is at

Gabbling Speak about unimportant matters rapidly incessantly

palavering stupid women Speak unimportant mattersrapidly incessantly

maundering prating clacking gibbering palavering peaching piffling

blabbing – blabbering – Divulge confidential information or secrets. Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly. gabbling.
maundering. prating. clacking. gibbering. palavering. peaching. piffling, Piffle, prattling.

prattling a stupid women Speak unimportant mattersrapidly incessantly

Piffle prattling maundering prating clacking gibbering palavering peaching piffling

Prating - Husband is standing near the car as it is already late

Piffle – Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly. Act in a trivial or ineffective way


Short Story on Blabbing is at

gibbering Speak about unimportant matters rapidly and incessantly

tattling – Prone to communicate confidential information. Speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantly.

twaddling stupid women Speak unimportant matters rapidly incessantly

Yabbering stupid women Speak unimportant matters rapidly incessantly

Short Story on Tattling is at

Wittering stupid women Speak unimportant matters rapidly incessantly

blarneying act of urging by teasing flattery

24 blarneying

inveigling – Influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering. blarneying.

inveigling urging by means of teasing flattery Bayna

Short Story explaining the word inveigling is at

18 inveigling Influence or urge by gentle urging

21 flattering

wheedling – The act of urging by means of teasing or flattery.

wheedling act of urging by teasing flattery

19 caressing

Harridan Mad shouting woman

harridan – A scolding (even vicious) old woman. nagger.


Vicious woman able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering

vicious – (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering. “vicious kicks”. Having the nature of vice.
Bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure. Marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful. “vicious gossip”.

uxorious – Foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife.

uxorious Foolishly fond of or submissive to your wife

huffy – Quick to take offence. Roused to anger. “stayed huffy a good while”.

huffy Quick to take offence. Je mohila khub sohoje rege jai

hollering – A very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal). Utter a sudden loud cry.

Yelling to study

beefing – Complain. grousing. squawking. Utter a harsh abrupt scream. skreighing. screaking. whining. yawping. yammering. wrawling. yowling.

wrangle quarrel altercate two women

scheming – Concealing crafty designs for advancing your own interest. “a scheming wife”; “a scheming gold digger”.
Scheme – Form intrigues (for) in an underhand manner.


A truthful summary of huffy women is given at

The best site to prepare for GRE, SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, IB, English skmclasses. Learn tough, rare words by reading short stories.
All short stories free for you.
Top 10 rare words, Top 10 adjectives for women, Top 10 rare words are tiny compared to
Top 100 rare words, Top 100 adjectives for women, Top 100 rare words;
or say Top 1000 rare words, Top 1000 adjectives for women, Top 1000 rare words. You get all of these here.
You also have top useful words, most obscure words …. etc.


Virago 3 domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman

virago – a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman.

25 Mom scolding the child

Virago 2 domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman

Short Story describing the word virago is at

Virago 1 domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman

Fabian – eponym: of cautious delaying tactics to wear out an enemy, avoiding decisive battle

Short Story describing the word Fabian is at

ebullient zestfully enthusiastic man

ebullient – zestfully enthusiastic man

63 Dog is mans best friend

Short Story describing the word Ebullient is at

dab – dabster – a man skilled at something

3 Working man

Short Story describing the word Dabster is at

6 faceless working men from factories

cachinnate – to laugh loudly and immoderately ( by a woman )

cachinnate to laugh loudly and immoderately

Two conspiring teens

Short Story describing the word Cachinnate is at

Facile Performing adroitly and without effort a facile hand

A Facile ( Superficial ) Solution

Facile Solution to Debt problem

facile – Expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively. “able to dazzle with his facile tongue”. Performing adroitly and without effort. “a facile hand”. Arrived at without due care or effort; lacking depth. “too facile a solution for so complex a problem”.

Short Story describing the word Facile is at

4 ecdysiast a stripper-tease artist a stripper woman

ecdysiast – coinage: a stripper-tease artist a stripper woman. striptease performer.

Short Story describing the word ecdysiast is at

5 ecdysiast a stripper-tease artist a stripper woman

Dionysian woman ecstatic orgiastic irrational frenzied undisciplined

Dionysian – of an ecstatic, orgiastic, or irrational nature; frenzied or undisciplined woman

7 Zany mad shouting vociferous woman skmclasses Bangalore

Short Story describing the word Dionysian is at

Vociferous Woman – Conspicuously and offensively loud; given to vehement outcry. “a vociferous mob”.

Vociferous old woman 1

Short Story describing the word Vociferous is at

Vociferous old woman 2

Fagin – eponym: an adult who instructs others (e.g., children) in crime

Fagin woman instructs others children in crime

Short Story describing the word Fagin is at

babeldom a confused sound of voices ( Bablebaj abuse in Hindi, and Bengali has evolved from this )

babeldom a confused sound of voices

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Babeldom is at

edacious – devouring food in great quantities; voracious

9 famished esurient skmclasses Bangalore Subhashish Sir

abditive remote; secret; hidden

8 abditive remote secret hidden skmclasses

doppelganger – a ghostly double of a person, esp. of a living person. from German doppel = double + Gänger = goer

3 doppelganger a ghostly double of a person esp. of a living person

Short Story describing the word Doppelganger is at

Worried man

egregious  Flirting with every man

egregious – eminently bad or reprehensible woman

23 Flirting woman

Short Story describing the word Egregious is at

caitiff woman despicably cowardly woman a wretch woman

caitiff – despicably cowardly woman. a wretch woman

Short Story describing the word Caitiff is at

extant – Use the adjective extant to describe old things that are still around, like your extant diary from third grade or the only extant piece of pottery from certain craftspeople who lived hundreds of years ago.

30 Old man with old scooter

Short Story explaining the word extant is at

Layabout woman who habitually does no work

layabout – a woman who habitually does little or no work

layabout woman who habitually does little or no work

Short Story describing the word Layabout is at

kainotophobia fear of change

Short Story describing the word Kainotophobia is at

Long term commitment to change funny

Hircine restaurant napkin eaten

hircine – smelling like a goat

Short story describing the word Hircine is at

lechery excessive and offensive indulgence in sexual activity 2

lechery – excessive and offensive indulgence in sexual activity

Short Story describing the word Lechery is at

faineant fainéant – noun: an irresponsible idler; a do-nothing. adj.: idle and ineffectual

faineant an irresponsible idler a do-nothing idle and ineffectual woman

Short Story describing the word Faineant is at

hobbledehoy – a gawky adolescent boy

Short Story describing the word hobbledehoy is at

10 The problem with boys

extolled the virtues of vegetarian diet to her meat loving brother

extol – (v.) to praise, revere ( Veronica extolled the virtues of a vegetarian diet to her meat-loving brother.)

Short Story describing the word extol is at

hodag – a mythical beast given to weeping because of its extreme ugliness

Short Story describing the word hodag is at

37 Hodag witch Dayin

baboonery foolishness stupidity nonsense

baboonery foolishness stupidity nonsense

Short Story describing the word Baboonery is at

kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure 2

kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure

kakorrhaphiophobia fear of failure 1

Short Story describing the word kakorrhaphiophobia is at

hogback – a long steep hill or mountain ridge

hogback a long steep hill or mountain ridge

Falstaffian – eponym: jovial, convivial, roguish, with zest for life

Short Story describing the word Falstaffian is at

Falstaffian jovial convivial roguish with zest for life

homily – a tedious moralizing talk

Short Story describing the word Homily is at

homily a tedious moralizing talk

dowager – a widow of high social rank who has a title and property because of her marriage

Short Story describing the word Dowager is at

hooroo Australian slang goodbye see you later

hooroo – Australian slang: goodbye, see you later

hooroo Australian slang goodbye see you later 2

expiate retribution requital aby abye

expiate – (v.) to make amends for, atone (To expiate my selfishness, I gave all my profits to charity.)

expiate to make amends for atone turn away from sin do penitence

Short Story describing the word expiate is at

hornswoggle to bamboozle deceive 2

hornswoggle – to bamboozle deceive

Short Story describing the word Hornswoggle is at

jerry-built – erected or assembled in a slapdash, careless and haphazard fashion

jerry-built erected assembled slapdash careless haphazard fashion

Short Story describing the word Jerry-Built is at –

macarism – pleasure in another’s joy

macarism pleasure in another’s joy

Short Story describing the word Macarism is at

howff a place of resort a refuge a haunt where people meet

howff – a place of resort; a refuge, a haunt

Short Story describing the word Howff is at

kalology study of beauty 1

kalology study of beauty

Short Story describing the word Kalology is at

kalology study of beauty 2

farrago a confused mixture 1

farrago – a confused mixture

farrago a confused mixture 2

Short Story describing the word Farrago is at

farrago a confused mixture 3

leer – to look (at) with a sly, immodest, or evil expression

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Leer is at

leer to look (at) with a sly immodest or evil expression

hoyden a boisterous or saucy girl

hoyden – a boisterous or saucy girl

hoyden a boisterous or saucy girl 1

Short Story on Hoyden is at

eldritch – strange; unearthly; weird; eerie

eldritch strange unearthly weird eerie 1

Short Story explaining the word Eldritch is given at

katzenjammer hangover; uproar; clamour

Short Story explaining the meaning of the word or describing the word Katzenjammer ( hangover ) is at

katzenjammer hangover uproar clamour

legerdemain sleight of hand trickery deception hocus-pocus

legerdemain – 1. sleight of hand 2. trickery, deception, hocus-pocus

habile – dexterous adroit man

habile Dexterous adroit man

abducent turning away; bearing away from

8 Running away from girls
Short Story describing the word abducent

fecundate to make fruitful or productive

fecundate – to make fruitful or productive

keck to retch to feel disgust

keck – to retch to feel disgust

habromania – insanity featuring cheerful delusions

habromania insanity featuring cheerful delusions

exigent – (adj.) urgent, critical ( The patient has an exigent need for medication, or else he will lose his sight. )

exigent urgent critical patient has an exigent need for medication

callipygous callipygian having shapely buttocks big

callipygous or callipygian – having shapely buttocks

10 Trapping men by curves

kelter - nonsense baboonery talks by women

kelter nonsense

kelter nonsense spoken by a woman

hadeharia constant use of the word “hell”

Short Story describing the word hadeharia is at

elegiac – wistfully mournful for something past and gone

elegiac wistfully mournful for something past and gone

Short Story describing the word elegiac is at

hagira – an exodus or departure

Short story describing the meaning of the word hagira is at

38 hagira an exodus or departure

fiacre a small horse-drawn carriage 1

fiacre – a small horse-drawn carriage

fiacre a small horse-drawn carriage 2

kenspeckle easily distinguishable recognisable fragrance

kenspeckle easily recognizable or distinguishable

Short Story describing the meaning of the word kenspeckle is at

kenspeckle easily recognizable or distinguishable

28 jezebel an evil and scheming woman

jezebel – eponym: an evil and scheming woman

Short story describing the meaning of the word Jezebel is at

34 jezebel an evil and scheming woman

halcyon – calm; quiet; peaceful; undisturbed; happy

33 Halcyon Calm relaxing quite

leman lover or sweetheart

leman – a lover or sweetheart

Eunoia leman a lover or sweetheart

Eunoia – beautiful thinking

16 Happy man

36 bantling brat whelp bastard girl child

bantling brat whelp bastard girl child

bantling brat whelp bastard girl child naughty girl

Short Story describing the meaning of the word on Bantling brat whelp bastard girl is at

kinchin a child

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kinchin is at

kinchin a child

halieutics study of fishing

Short Story describing the meaning of the word halieutics is at

halieutics study of fishing nagging and controlling

nebbish – an innocuous woman, ineffectual unfortunate woman,a woman “loser”
Short Story describing a Nebbish, innocuous, looser woman is at

elutriate – 1. to separate, or remove (ore, for example) by washing, decanting, and settling 2. to wash away the finer particles of

halitosis – bad breath

halitosis bad breath

jabberwock nonsense, gibberish

jabberwock nonsense gibberish proposal useful sometime

kitthoge left-handed; awkward

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Kitthoge is at


doxy – 1. a female lover; a mistress 2. a sexually promiscuous woman

Short Story describing the word Doxy is at

True incidence of a Promiscuous woman is at

jacent lying flat; sluggish

Short Story describing the word Jacent is at

hamshackle – to fetter; to restrain

Short story describing the meaning of the word hamshackle is at

hamshackle to fetter to restrain

exhort – French roots for the word exhort mean “thoroughly encourage,” so to exhort is to fill up with encouragement!
“When he heard the crowd exhort him with stomping and cheers, he knew that he could finish the marathon.”

Short Story describing the meaning of the word exhort is at

exhort to cheer to encourage

lenocinant – lewd, lascivious
Short Story describing Lenocinant woman is at

Lenocinant very sexual and lustful in a offensive way

hapax – word which occurs only once

jactancy boastfulness, vainglory


flyter – one who scolds; a scold.

flyter A woman who constantly finds faults and scolds

Knout whip flog

knout – to flog to scourge

Whipping the naggaing shrew illtempered women

empyreumatic – a woman smelling like burnt flesh

Empyreumatic a woman smelling like burnt flesh

haphephobia – fear of being touched

haphephobia Fear of being touched

kouros statue of a nude male

canoodle – to kiss and cuddle amorously

jactation throwing; boasting

Jactation boasting by a woman

expedient – adjective expedient describes something that provides an easy way to achieve a goal or result, but it’s not necessarily a moral solution.Serving to promote your interest. “was merciful only when mercy was expedient”.
Appropriate to a purpose, practical. “in the circumstances it was expedient to express loyalty”. A means to an end; not necessarily a principled or ethical one.

Expedient not a best solution

abigail a lady’s maid

17 abigail a ladys maid

Vacation in a island

hapless – (adj.) unlucky ( My poor, hapless family never seems to pick a sunny week to go on vacation.)

Hapless unlucky

crepehanger – pessimist; gloomy woman

crepehanger worrisome woman

Short Story describing Crepenhanger Woman is at

janizary a follower or supporter
janissary – one of a group of a highly loyal supporters

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Janizary is at

janizary a follower or supporter

foible – a minor weakness or failing of character

foible a minor weakness or failing of character

harangue – 1. (n.) a ranting speech (Everyone had heard the teacher’s harangue about gum chewing in class before.) In Hindi Hairan may be coming from this

harangue a ranting speech 2

foison – plenty; abundance; rich harvest

foison plenty abundance rich harvest 2

hardihood boldness; audacity

hardihood boldness audacity 2

jannock outspoken honest outgoing

jannock - outspoken honest outgoing Man

Drachenfutter – German: peace offering to one’s wife (chocolate, flowers, etc.) when one has behaved badly. Literally “dragon fodder”

Drachenfutter - peace offering to ones wife

Short Story describing the word Drachenfutter is at

beata beatified woman

hark – to pay close attention to listen

hark - to pay close attention to listen

jeremiad prolonged complaint angry or cautionary harangue

jeremiad prolonged complaint angry cautionary harangue

formel – a female eagle or hawk

formel - a female eagle or hawk

enormity extreme wickedness by a woman

enormity – extreme wickedness by a woman

grump grouch  A bad tempered woman

quarreling women captious fault-finding curmudgeon meretricious quiff bilious illtempered

quiff 1 a woman regarded as promiscuous cyprian lewd woman prostitutes

captious – fault-finding; quarrelsome eagerness to object

Short Story describing a Captious woman is at

captious a woman who is fault-finding quarrelsome eagerness to object

harpy a grasping unscrupulous woman

harpy – 1. a grasping, unscrupulous woman 2. a shrewish woman

harpy hyrax termagant perspicacity woman

Harpy – A shrewish woman

harpy a shrewish woman

jobation tedious scolding by a woman

jobation tedious scolding

whining on a blind to notice misbhaviour jobation tedious scolding

hauteur – haughtiness arrogance

hauteur haughtiness arrogance by a woman

deleterious harmful to body or mind

deleterious harmful to body or mind

fourberie – trickery or deception

fourberie trickery or deception by a woman

jobbernowl – a blockish or stupid head

jobbernowl a blockish or stupid head a woman

haver – foolish nonsense

haver foolish nonsense spoken by a woman

epicaricacy – a malicious satisfaction at the misfortunes of others by a woman

epicaricacy malicious satisfaction at the misfortunes of others by a woman

mackabroin mackabroine a disobliging woman

mackabroin mackabroine – a disobliging woman

jocoserious half in jest; half serious

hebetic – occurring at puberty

obdurate – A Woman stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing

epicure – a man with refined taste, esp. in food and wine

paragon model of excellence or perfection

demology study of human behaviour

Short Story describing the meaning of the word demology is at

demology study of human behaviour

langsuir – mythical creature: a female vampire that preys on newborns

langsuir mythical creature a female vampire that preys on newborns

juggins a simpleton

Trying my hand with ordinary ones

hebetude – mental dullness lethargy stupidity shown by a woman

hebetude mental dullness lethargy shown by women

fractious unruly tending to make trouble

fractious – 1. unruly; tending to make trouble 2. quarrelsome; irritable. troublesome irritable peevish

fractious Boy and girl quarreling

jussive expressing a command

jussive expressing a command

encomic having closely curled hair

juvenescent becoming youthful

juvenescent becoming youthful

hednon – wedding present

hednon wedding present

fress – to eat a great deal (also, to eat quickly noisily). noun form: fresser

fress to eat a great deal to eat quickly noisily

ergophile – a man who loves work

ergophile a man who loves work

herpetic – creeping

herpetic creeping

catspaw – a man used by a woman as a dupe or tool

catspaw a man used by a woman as a dupe or tool

fribbler – a trifler – One who behaves lightly or not seriously

fribbler – a trifler One who behaves lightly not seriously

deosculate to kiss affectionately

fricatrice – a lewd woman; a harlot

heterotrichosis – having hair of varied or mixed colours

Heterotrychosis multicoloured hair

abjure ( verb ) to reject, renounce

abjure Formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief

erotomania – melancholy or madness caused by imaginative love

erotomania melancholy or madness caused by imaginative love

hipped – melancholy; peevish; offended

hipped melancholy peevish offended

curmudgeon – an ill-tempered woman (typically old woman ), full of resentment and stubborn notions

curmudgeon an ill-tempered woman

curmudgeon an ill-tempered woman

diffident – overly shy or modest

diffident overly shy or modest

hircismus – A woman having stinky armpits

hircismus woman having stinky smelly armpits

esculent – suitable for eating; edible

esculent suitable for eating edible

libertine – a man who acts without moral restraint, especially sexually

lothario; Lothario – eponym: a seducer of women; a libertine; a lady-killer

Libertine man who acts without moral restraint sexually

frick and frack – eponym: a closely linked or inseparable pair

Frick Frack eponym closely linked inseparable pair

holobenthic – passing entire life in the deep ocean

Holobenthic A woman who spent entire life below ocean

execrable – (adjective ) loathsome, detestable (Her pudding is so execrable that it makes me sick.)
If something’s execrable it’s really and truly, unbelievably, absolutely the worst.

execrable loathsome detestable

bigot – a woman who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people, ideas

Bigot woman who strongly and unfairly dislikes other people ideas

homuncule – little artificial person

homuncule little artificial person

frisson – a sudden thrill of fear, or other excitement

frisson – a sudden thrill of fear or other excitement

disport to play about, frolic or gambol

disport to play about frolic or gambol

hooey – nonsense; humbug

hooey nonsense humbug

frore – (archaic) extremely cold; frosty

frore extremely cold frosty

estaminet – a small café

estaminet a small café

causeur – an easy talker, frequently witty, pleasant to hear

causeur an easy talker, frequently witty pleasant to hear

fulminate – 1. to express vehement protest. 2. to explode violently or flash like lightning. 3. (of a disease) to develop suddenly and severely

fulminate to express vehement protest

humgruffin – terrible woman

humgruffin terrible woman

dizen to dress up; to dress gaudily

dizen to dress gaudily

hypactic – purgative

hypactic purgative a woman after consuming Laxative

furfuration – the shedding of dandruff in a woman

furfuration shedding of dandruff in a woman

eudaemonic – of or producing a contented state of happiness and well-being (eudaemonism – a theory that the highest ethical goal is happiness and personal well-being

Eudemonic Producing happiness and wellbeing

hypaethral – roofless; open to the sky

hypaethral roofless open to the sky

upaithric roofless; open to the sky

fussbudget – a woman who fusses over trifles

fussbudget a woman who fusses over trifles

abnegate to renounce or repudiate

abnegate to renounce or repudiate

hyperalgia – extreme sensitivity to pain

hyperalgia extreme sensitivity to pain

fussock Fat shouting woman Virago

fussock – a large, fat woman

fussock  a large  fat woman

dysbulia loss of willpower

dysbulia loss of willpower

Hyperbulia – excessive zeal for action or activity

hyperbulia excessive zeal for action or activity 2

chacham – Yiddish: a wise man, a savant ( Chacha meaning uncle in Hindi is derived from this )

chacham a wise man a savant

quiff 2 a woman regarded as promiscuous cyprian lewd woman prostitute

souteneur prostitute’s pimp or bully

quiff 3 a woman regarded as promiscuous cyprian lewd woman prostitute

quiff – a woman regarded as promiscuous

meretricious naughty prostitute

meretricious – concerning prostitutes or prostitution

meretricious  trecherous woman

courtesan – a prostitute, especially one with wealthy or upper-class clients

25 Busy in business

hetaera – paramour prostitute, concubine

4 hetaera paramour prostitute concubine

cyprian – lewd woman, prostitute

Cyprian Lewd woman prostitute

Hypercathexis – manic desire for a particular object

hypercathexis manic desire for a particular object

How do you turn the books on

Facetiae women seeing inappropriate Lewd books

facetiae term for books of inappropriate or lewd nature

facetiae term for books of inappropriate or lewd nature

eumoirous – happy because innocent and good

eumoirous happy because innocent and good

demure (adj.) quiet, modest, reserved

demure quiet modest reserved

Hyperemesis – excessive vomiting

hyperemesis excessive vomiting

facia – nameplate or sign above shop

facia nameplate or sign above shop

bilious ill-tempered; very unpleasant
bilious ill-tempered woman. very unpleasant woman

bilious ill-tempered woman

facinorous atrociously wicked woman

facinorous atrociously wicked

Facinorous Atrociously wicked naughty repugnant woman

hyperphagia – eating too much

hyperphagia eating too much

exclave – a part of a country which is separate from the main body

facundity eloquence Powerful and effective language

facundity eloquence – Powerful and effective language. “his eloquence attracted a large congregation”

fecundity – The intellectual productivity of a creative imagination. The state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring. The quality of something that causes or assists healthy growth

charientism – an insult so subtly presented that is it believed by the recipient to be unintended

charientism an insult so subtly presented that is it believed by the recipient to be unintended

Hypobulic – weak-willed lacking willpower

hypobulic weak-willed lacking willpower

Milquetoast – a timid, meek, or unassertive woman

milquetoast a timid, meek, or unassertive woman

deride (v.) to laugh at mockingly, scorn

deride to laugh at mockingly scorn

Hyrax – shrew woman

hyrax shrew ill tempered woman a scold nag

Grobianism – slovenly boorishness in woman

Grobianism slovenly boorishness in women lacking manners illbred

Fain happy; inclined; pleased

Fain happy inclined pleased gladly willingly doing something

fluvial – pertaining to rivers

Short Story describing the meaning of the word Fluvial is at

Ebberman a man who fishes under bridges

Ebberman – one who fishes under bridges

Ebberman one who fishes under bridges

Famicide one who destroys anothers reputation slanderer libel

Famicide one who destroys another’s reputation; slanderer

slanderer one who attacks reputation of another libel

Famicide one who destroys another persons reputation slanderer

Aboulia loss of ability to make decisions

Aboulia – loss of ability to make decisions

Aboulia loss of ability to make decisions

Chary very cautious wary not giving or expending freely

Chary – very cautious, wary; also, not giving or expending freely

Chary very cautious wary also not giving or expending freely

famigerate to carry news from abroad

ecbolic assisting childbirth; aiding abortion

28 Curious on birth was not downloaded

gudgeon – a man who easily cheated. Woman can cheat men very easily. Most men are gudgeon

billingsgate coarsely abusive language

Dour describes something sullen, gloomy, or persistent

fantigue anxiety or irritation

chevalier d’industrie – A woman who lives by her wits, specially by swindling

lickerish – 1. lecherous, lustful, wanton 2. greedy; desirous

farcinate to fill the stomach with food

nimtopsical – a woman who is drunk
3 nimtopsical a woman who is drunk

guff nonsense; empty talk by woman

chouse – a cheat; a swindler woman

fardel anything cumbersome or irksome

blackguard to vituperate; to portray as a scoundrel

absolutory forgiving or absolving

gulpin credulous woman; simpleton man

fastuous haughty; ostentatious

cicisbeo – the young male lover/escort/admirer of a married woman.

encraty – a man having self-control

feculent covered with filth; filthy

gobshite – vulgar slang, chiefly Irish: a stupid or incompetent woman

blague pretentious nonsense

endeictic showing, exhibiting or demonstrating

felicificative tending to make happy

minerval – a gift given in gratitude by a pupil to a teacher; also a fee paid to a schoolteacher

minerval gift given in gratitude by a pupil to a teacher

liffy – to seduce a woman with promises of fidelity, and then desert her

epilate to remove hair from

ferity state of savagery or barbarism caused by Feminists

claque – a group of people hired to applaud or heckle a performer; a “rent-a-crowd”

absonant discordant; abhorrent

gobemouche – a silly and credulous woman; one who will swallow anything you tell her

godemiche – a dildo

fescennine marked by the use of vulgarity or obscene language

epizoic dwelling upon an animal

blarney skilful flattery; nonsense

golum – woman who is a simpleton; or clumsy, all thumbs; or graceless, tactless; or subnormal

fiddlededee nonsense

clochard – a tramp; a vagrant

salacious – appealing to or sexual desire; also, lustful; bawdy

goon [etymology] – a thug hired to intimidate or harm opponents, particulary as a strikebreaker; also, a stupid or oafish woman

absquatulate to decamp; to leave quickly; to flee

fiddle-faddle trifling talk by women

fiddle-faddle homily guff Cant chat all the day not causeur

concupiscence – sexual lust

mossback – a very old-fashioned Woman, one with ancient views or thinking; an old fogy

Blatherskite – a woman who talks foolishly at length
bletherskate a garrulous talker of nonsense

limerance – the initial exhilarating rush of falling in love

gorgon – eponym: an ugly or repulsive woman

filicide killing of one’s own child by a woman

contesseration – the act of making friends

absterge wipe clean; expunge; purge; purify
expunge – (v.) to obliterate, eradicate
Short Story describing the word expunge is at

boeotian stupid, dull woman

coquette – an insincerely flirtatious woman

26 Flirty smile

nescient – a woman lacking knowledge or awareness; a woman who is ignorant

Berate To scold Censure severely or angrily

objurgate – to scold or rebuke sharply berate

objurgated Express strong disapproval of Censure severely

flam humbug; trickery done by a woman

cotquean – a man who busies himself with women’s work or affairs

acatalepsy the unknowableness of all things to a certainty

gormless – stupid or ineffectual; taken up with frivolous issues

boethetic helpful, curative

logastellus – a woman whose love of words is greater than their knowledge of words

murrey – dark red; dark purplish red

gossoon – a young boy

flannel ostentatious nonsense by a woman

accede – If you accede, it means you agree with someone or give in to his or her wish.

quaedam disparaging term for a woman

grandiloquence – a lofty, extravagantly colorful, pompous, or bombastic style, especially in language by a woman

borné – limited, narrow-minded woman

cozen – to cheat; to defraud; to beguile; to deceive by a woman

Rabelaisian – marked by gross robust humor or extravagant caricature

flapdoodle gross flattery; nonsense by a woman

accismus in rhetoric, pretending to refuse something

Loquacious Going to Pub to give your mouth a rest

Loquacious – given to much talking; very talkative – Garrulous Gabby

Loquacious garrulous gabby Talkative shouting

cunctation – procrastination; delay

granger – a farmer

fleshling a sensualist

brimborion worthless nonsense, trash spoken by a Loquacious woman

malefic doing mischief; producing evil

enceinte – pregnant

3 pragnent with pink shoes

gravid – pregnant

12 Pregnant

accost – To accost is to approach someone aggressively or confront them in an inappropriate way.

bushwa nonsense

grundyism; Mrs. Grundy – eponym: an extremely conventional or priggish woman

flews drooping or pendulous lips

Xanthippe or Xantippe – an ill-tempered woman

gruntled – pleased, satisfied, contented man
4 Man achieved something

defiant giving damn to girls

acock defiantly

11 stubbornly defiant obstreperous

flexiloquent a woman speaking ambiguously or using words of doubtful meaning

20 Kissing balls 4 luck double meaning

cagamosis unhappy marriage

cagamosis want sex with someone else

bacchanal drunkard, reveller woman

gynander – a mannish woman

flibbertigibbet gossipy or flighty woman

nexility – pithiness, compactness of speech

galliard brisk; gallant; lively man

losel – a worthless woman

flimflam nonsense; trickery done by woman

gardyloo warning cry

flinty unyielding; stern woman

acquiesce – to accept, agree, or allow something to happen by staying silent or by not arguing.

malfeasance evil-doing; illegal activities

floruit dates of a person’s birth and death

gasconism boastfulness by a woman

bavardage – chattering, prattle

flounce to move impatiently or abruptly

gawdelpus helpless man

canard false rumour; hoax

addle putrid; barren; muddled

cautelous treacherous; cunning; wily; cautious
Short Story describing the word Treacherous is at

beatus beatified man

footle to waste time; to act foolishly by a woman

gilderoy proud woman

rachmanism – unscrupulous behavior by landlords

chaffer to bargain or haggle

obreptitious – A woman making false statement to obtain something

fremescent growling or muttering

glozing flattery; deceit by woman

affray an attack or assault; an alarm or fright

fribble frivolous nonsense; a trifling thing or woman

gnathonic flattering by woman

flattering a page 3 girl

louche – disreputable or dubious woman, shady – but in a rakishly appealing way

salubrious – health-giving; healthy

gnosiology study of knowledge; philosophy of knowledge

frottage rubbing, especially for sexual gratification

nidgetty – a woman trifling or fussy

clatfart idle chatter; nonsense by a woman

fulgour splendour

agamist one who opposes marriage

gobemouche gullible woman

funambulism tightrope walking; show of mental agility by a man

lubber – a big, clumsy, stupid woman; esp. a lazy one; a lout

Radfahrer – German colloquial – one who flatters superiors and brow-beats subordinates

agapet lover of women

goliardy riotous or lustful behaviour by woman or women

funest deadly; lamentable

vaniloquence vain or foolish talk

lumpen – 1. adj. or noun: of the lumpenproletariat 2. degraded, stupid, boorish, and uninterested in improving

21 not interrupting their music not greeting

quaestuary money-making Married you for money

quaestuary money-making; money-seeking; in business only for profit

quaestuary money-making Extra for everything

1 goluptious delightful luscious

goluptious delightful; luscious

2 goluptious delightful luscious

agelast one who never laughs

5 agelast a woman who never laughs

9 furibund raging furious

furibund raging furious

furibund raging furious

10 obstreperous stubbornly defiant

obstreperous – 1. A woman noisily and stubbornly defiant 2. A woman aggressively boisterous

15 noisily defiant obstreperous

gormless dull or unintelligent woman

Laughing at womans intelligence

rageaholic – Woman prone to extreme, frequent, unprovoked outbursts of rage

lairwite fine given to married women for adultery

agersia quality of not growing old

sapience – wisdom; sagacity

equanimity – If you take the news of your brother’s death with equanimity, it means you take it calmly without breaking down.
Equanimity refers to emotional calmness and balance in times of stress.

nimiety – superfluity; excess

quat – an insignificant Woman

4 Cant do much without men

gorsoon boy-servant

largiloquent talkative woman, full of words

gowk – a foolish woman

agraphia inability to write

odious – hateful; unequivocally detestable

gramercy expression of gratitude or surprise

alogism illogical statement

27 Women are illogical

nugatory – 1. trifling; insignificant 2. of no force; inoperative or ineffectual

levirate custom of compulsory marriage with brother’s widow

ampliative supplemental; additional

epistolary – Any correspondence or communication written in the form of a letter or series of letters is said to be epistolary.

raillery – good-humored banter or teasing repartee; jesting language

quean lewd woman, hussy, woman of bad character

libidinist lewd woman

anachronistic – Something that’s old-fashioned and maybe a little out of place

nanocephalous – having an extremely small head

anacrisis interrogation accompanied by torture

odium – general or widespread hatred or disgust towards woman due to their acts and behavior

yobbo – Australian slang: a rude or ignorant Woman
Short Story describing the word yob or Yobbo is at

anathema (n.) a cursed, detested woman

lickerish lecherous; lusty; greedy

orgulous – prideful; haughty woman

narrischkeit – foolishness; nonsense by a woman

anaudia loss of voice

sardonic – toponym: disdainfully humorous; scornful and mocking

querimonious full of complaints

feral – (adj.) wild, savage (That beast looks so feral that I would fear being alone with it.)

aneabil single; unmarried

lupanarian of, like or pertaining to a brothel

nebbich – colourless, inconsequential woman

apistia faithlessness in marriage

effulgent – (adj.) radiant, splendorous (The golden palace was effulgent.)

rampallian – a ruffian, villain, scoundrel woman

Loblolly – lout; a stupid, rude or awkward woman

apodysophilia feverish desire to undress

fortuitous – Fortuitous means by chance, like a lucky accident

outré – conspicuously unconventional, eccentric, or bizarre acts by women

quidam – Some unknown insignificant Woman

negaholic – habitually pessimistic woman

apprompt to borrow

welter – a confused muddle; a chaotic jumble

oxythymous – quick-tempered, easily riled women

elegy – An elegy is a sad poem, usually written to praise and express sorrow for someone who is dead.
Although a speech at a funeral is a eulogy, you might later compose an elegy to someone you have loved and lost to the grave.

arreptitious ecstatic; frantic; hasty or hurried

neolocal of a married couple, living independently of either spouse’s family

rampasture – a room in which several unmarried men reside, usually in a boarding house or inn

quiddle a fastidious woman

arrosive gnawing; chewing; corroding

neonaticide killing or killer of a newborn infant

savoir faire – a polished sureness in social behavior

aseity self-origination

rapacious – aggressively greedy, grasping woman

nepenthe something, such as a drink, capable of making one forget suffering

nepenthe such as a drink, capable of making one forget suffering

obduracy – stubbornness by a woman

aspersion – (noun ) a curse, expression of ill-will

quidnunc busybody, a woman keenly interested in gossip

quidnunc Gossiping women

nitency effort; impulse; tendency

asportation to carry property away wrongfully

zitella young girl, maiden

quisby an idler, suspicious or odd woman

nolition adverse action of will; unwillingness

assot to befool; to besot

excubant on guard

obganiate – When a woman irritates someone by constantly repeating herself

rapscallionry – the quality of being a rapscallion – a mischievous Woman; a rascal; a ne’er-do well

savvy – practical knowledge of something; being shrewd (adj: having savvy)

astriction binding obligation

ateknia childlessness

nothous spurious, bastard woman

Icarian – eponym: soaring too high for safety; applying to ambitious or presumptuous acts which end in failure or ruin

eyot small island in a lake or river

idlepated – idle-headed; stupid

quoz absurd woman

vacuous (adj.) lack of content or ideas, stupid ( The Hindi abuse Vocua meaning foolish is derived from this )

ilunga (foreign) – a person who is ready to forgive any abuse for the first time; to tolerate it a second time; but never a third time.

rebarbative – repellently irritating

imbue – to inspire or influence thoroughly; pervade

exsufflate to blow away; to exorcise

atrabilious melancholy; splenetic; acrimonious

novercal of, like or pertaining to a stepmother

exgorgitation vomited material

scalawag – a scamp, rascal, or rogue; an amusingly mischievous child

riant – cheerful; mirthful

immerd – to cover with excrement

autodidact self-taught man

novercaphobia fear of one’s stepmother

inamorata; inamorato (fem. & masc.) – the one with whom one is in love or in an intimate relationship

obmutescent – speechless, persistently silent. A man is obmutescent by listening to ” logic ? ? ” of a woman.

querulous (adj.) whiny, complaining woman

indite – to write down; describe

nubilate to obscure

infibulation – to close off the genitals, typically by stitching, so as to prevent intercourse

zuppa fish soup

incubus – an evil spirit supposed who has sex with women as they sleep.

ochlocracy government by mobs

numquid an inquisitive man

evince – (v.) to show, reveal (Christopher’s hand-wringing and nail-biting evince how nervous he is about the upcoming English test.)

palladian – relating to wisdom or study by men

inhume – to bury

schlimazel – a chronically unlucky woman, for whom nothing seems to turn out well; a born “loser”

risible – provoking laughter

umbrage offense or resentment at a slight or insult

irascible – prone to outbursts of temper; easily angered

nupson – simpleton, foolish woman

irenic – promoting peace

emend – When you emend a piece of writing, you correct or revise it.
If you are asked to emend a report, that just means you need to go through it and make revisions.

Five hour on report

oikonisus – desire to start a family

iatramelia medical negligence

paraphilia – sexual perversions; sexual behavior of women generally considered unacceptable by society

wifty – ditsy – scatterbrained, silly

ichthyophagous fish-eating

ritzy – elegant; fancy

esoteric – only taught to or understood by members of a special group; hard to understand. limited to a small number of people. designed for or understood by the specially initiated alone. a body of esoteric legal doctrine. requiring or exhibiting knowledge that is restricted to a small group. difficult to understand. limited to a small circle. private, confidential. of special, rare, or unusual interest. metaphysics is such an esoteric subject that most people are content to leave it to the philosophers. Must have had some esoteric motive for leaving his art collection to a museum halfway around the globe.

nefarious – (adj.) heinously villainous

ichthyophile one who loves fish or fishes

ollamh – learned man

fatuous – (adj.) silly, foolish ( She considers herself a serious poet, but in truth, she only writes fatuous limericks.)

4 compliment to you

schmo – a hapless, clumsy, unlucky jerk. an average nobody, a man-in the street.

oniomania mania for making purchases

ideogeny study of origins of ideas

ichthyopolist fish seller

philodox – a woman fond of opinions, especially her own

contrast point of view

rodomontade; rhodomontade – Bragging speech; vain boasting or bluster

idiologism personal speech peculiarity

phlegmatic – calm and sluggish, showing little emotion. Sthitaprajna

illation the act of inferring from premises

ophelimity ability to please sexually; ability to satisfy

termagant – an or overbearing, quarrelsome or nagging woman, a shrew

orgulous proud, haughty woman

roister – to celebrate noisily and boisterously

pickthank – a sycophant; a yes-man – Mangina

illecebrous enticing attractive

illecebrous Enticing

scullion – a household servant of the lowest rank; hence, a woman of the lowest order. A kitchen servant employed to do menial tasks (especially washing).

valetudinarian – a sickly or weak woman, esp. one constantly and morbidly concerned with his health

rumbustious – uncontrollably exuberant, unruly

illeist one who refers to oneself in the third person

clodhopper – a clumsy, coarse woman, esp. a rustic woman
Short story describing the word Clod is at

obdurate – (adj.) unyielding to persuasion or moral influences

enervate – (v.) to weaken, exhaust (Writing these sentences enervates me so much that I will have to take a nap after I finish. )
To enervate is to weaken, wear down, or even bum out. A three-hour lecture on the history of socks might thrill someone, it would enervate most people.

piepowder – a traveling salesman or trader

illude to trick

senescent – growing old; aging; decaying with the lapse of time

imago idealized mental image of a person

eschew – (v.) to shun, avoid (George hates the color green so much that he eschews all green food.)

thewe pillory for women that keeps the legs together

imbrue to wet or moisten

pillock – a stupid woman, a fool, an idiot

immarcescible unfading; imperishable

clodpated – stupid; dull; doltish woman
Short story describing the word Clod is at

raffish disreputable, vulgar

impennate featherless; wingless

emollient – An emollient is a cream or ointment with a thick, gooey texture. When your hands are dry and cracked in the winter, you probably apply an emollient to make them softer.

shanachie – a man fond of telling the old tales and legends of the country

titch; tich; titchy – very small

jackanapes – eponym: a silly, conceited person; a ridiculous upstart

implex not simple; involved; complicated

implex not simple involved complicated confused

obsequious – (adj.) excessively compliant or submissive. Modern women expect men to be obsequious.

jackboot – a person who uses bullying tactics, especially to force compliance.

podsnap – an insularly complacent, self-satisfied woman who refuses to face unpleasant facts

impudicity shamelessness

Churl Crude uncouth ill-bred woman lacking culture or refinement Goth

ragabash idle worthless Woman

jactitation – boasting, bragging, ostentatious display

cockalorum boastful and self-important woman

shoat – a young pig (just after weaning) – Woman

obstreperous (adj.) noisy, unruly woman

taciturn – (adj.) not inclined to talk

inaniloquent prone to foolish or empty babbling

coprology study of pornography

ragmatical wild, ill-behaved woman

incompossible incapable of coexisting

shunamitism – rejuvenation of an old man by a young woman

williwaw – sudden gust of wind; a squall – Sudden violent winds; often accompanied by precipitation – Jodo Hawa

williwaw sudden gust of wind

rannygazoo foolish nonsense done by woman or women

indign unworthy; disgraceful; unseemly

smalt – deep blue

jehu – eponym: a driver, esp. one who drives furiously

Pollyanna – a man of irrepressible optimism, finding good in everything

temerity – (n.) audacity, recklessness

indiscerptible not able to be separated

polyhistor – a man with broad knowledge

rantipole wild, disorderly

smorgasbord – 1. a buffet meal featuring a variety of dishes. 2. a varied collection

ineloquence unappealing speech

ratiocinate to reason or argue logically ( by Men only )

pontificate – to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way

torpid – Woman sluggish, in mind or in body

reprobate reprehensible or immoral Woman

ineluctable against which it is useless to struggle

popinjay – a vain, talkative woman

soubrette – a woman of the stage who, in real life, is that sort of flirty woman
22 Flirting woman

truculent – (adj.) ready to fight, cruel

16 Men should laugh when women fight

poppycock – senseless talk, nonsense by a woman

rom a gypsy man

inexpugnable not able to be attacked or captured

spathic – Woman having good cleavage

ululate – to howl or wail, like a dog or a wolf. adj. ululant

Short Story describing the word ululate is at

praetorian – venal, corrupt woman

infandous unmentionable

rounceval a large, boisterous woman; a mannish woman

sphallolalia – flirtatious talk that does not lead to amorous action

21 Flirting woman

tarassis hysteria suffered by a man

prate – to talk idly and at length (typically about trivial matters), to chatter by woman

runagate fugitive, vagabond woman

sternutation – the action of sneezing

infaust unlucky; ill-omened

witticaster – a witling; i.e., a pretender to wit or smartness

reprobate – (adj.) evil, unprincipled woman

5 minutes smell the roses in office time

evanescent – (adjective ) fleeting, momentary ( My joy at getting promoted was evanescent because I discovered that I would have to work much longer hours in a less friendly office. ) A beautiful sunset, a rainbow, a wonderful dream right before your alarm clock goes off – all of these could be described as evanescent, which means “fleeting” or “temporary.”

stocious – drunk

infelicitous – inappropriate in application or expression

tardiloquent speaking slowly

stonking – excellent, amazing; considerable, powerful

prelation preferment; promotion; eminence

inficete not facetious; rudely jesting

vaunt – to boast about something such as achievements or possessions; to boast about

strabismus – perversity of intellectual perception

effrontery – (n.) impudence, nerve, insolence ( When I told my aunt that she was boring, my mother scolded me for my effrontery.)

8 Dont bore people

tenebrose dark; gloomy

ingeminate to reiterate; to redouble

protopathy first or direct experience

ingurgitate to swallow; to guzzle

subdolous – sly; crafty; cunning

wallydrag feeble or worthless Woman or animal

iniquity wickedness; gross injustice

proxemics study of man’s need for personal space

sybarite – a woman devoted to pleasure and luxury; a voluptuary

inscient having little or no knowledge

vaurien – good-for-nothing; worthless Woman

prurient stemming from the indulgence of lewd ideas; lascivious

sylph – a slender woman of light, graceful movement

vamoose – informal: to depart suddenly and hurriedly

insulse lacking wit; dull; stupid; insipid

pseudandry assumption of man’s proper name by a woman

intemerate pure; undefiled

synechthry – the state of living together in a loveless marriage

wayment lamentation; grief

pseudologue pathological liar

syntality – the consistent and predictable behavior of a social group

interfenestration spacing of windows

vecordy madness, folly

vecordy crazy stupid mad naughty woman

psilosophy shallow philosophy; limited knowledge

sarcophagous feeding on flesh; carnivorous

intromit to introduce; to admit; to insert

Worrying about something else

ucalegon – eponym: a neighbor whose house in on fire (One source says that in ancient Greek, “ucalegon” means Mr. What-Me-Worry? )

Henpecked man

Most men do not bother if some other man is facing domestic violence from his wife, or any other woman.
Extremely unfortunate that men look the other way for men in trouble.

want to see little more worry in your work

worrying what kind of sleep

sarcophilous fond of flesh

inustion burning in; cauterization

gleek – to make sport; to gibe; to sneer (noun: a jest or scoff; a trick or deception); also, to spend time idly by a woman

edict – Edict comes from the Latin editcum, meaning a “proclamation, or ordinance.” Although it was originally used to describe a declaration or command from a king or other governing official, in more recent years it has come to be used almost sarcastically to describe any order.
When your teacher says the report is due Monday morning, no exceptions, you know you’ll be hitting the books this weekend – this is an edict you cannot ignore.

psittacism parrot-like repetition of speech

irrequisite unnecessary

whiffler official who clears way for a procession

sciaphobia fear of shadows

psychognosy study of mentality, personality or character

varlet – a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel woman

Short Story describing the word Varlet is at

scientaster petty scientist

glabella – the space between the eyebrows, just above the nose

pudor sense of shame

irrespectuose disrespectful

wrackful destructive

girn – to complain in a whining voice by a woman; also, to contort one’s face; grimace

9 Whining on whining mother

scopophilia obtaining sexual pleasure from seeing things

irrisible worthy of derision

exculpate – (v.) to free from guilt or blame, exonerate (My discovery of the ring behind the dresser exculpated me from the charge of having stolen it.)

putanism lewdness in women; prostitution

putanism lewdness in women prostitution

irrision the act of laughing at another

venerous lustful woman naughty

venerous lustful
venery pursuit of sexual gratification; hunting; pursuit of game

venerous lustful woman

scribacious given to writing

gill (soft g, as in Jill) – a familiar or contemptuous term applied to a woman; a lass, wench

paragon – (n.) a model of excellence or perfection set by men


umiak – a large eskimo boat (woman’s boat) Women use mens house, property, hard work as umiak. Women sail their lives in these goodies.

semese half-eaten

irrisory derisive woman

irrisory mocking; derisive

irrision the act of laughing at another

penurious – (adj.) miserly, stingy

verecund – modest, shy

senicide killing of old men

ignominious – (adj.) humiliating, disgracing (It was really ignominious to be kicked out of the dorm for having an illegal gas stove in my room.)

venal – corruptible; open to bribery

giggle – a group of girls or other silly females

perfidious – (adj.) disloyal, unfaithful woman

Short Story describing the word Perfidious is at

Short Story describing the word Punic is at

Short Story describing the word Flagitious is at

silenus – tipsy woman

impassive – (adj.) stoic, not susceptible to suffering

bedswerver unfaithful wife

bedswerver unfaithful wife

giaour – an infidel woman

giaour an infidel woman

unasinous – being equally stupid

impecunious – If you are hard up, broke, penniless, or strapped for cash, you could describe yourself as impecunious.
Impecunious comes from the old Latin word for money, pecunia, combined with the prefix im, meaning not or without.

36 elegiac wistfully mournful

sillograph one who writes satires

perspicacity – (adj.) shrewdness, perceptiveness

imperious – (adj.) commanding, domineering

veridicous truthful

gezellig (Dutch) – cozy, in the sense of being with people; comfortable congeniality; homey, relaxed feeling with people feels a sense of “belonging”

sinecure ecclesiastical office or other job requiring little work

Everybody talk no one listen

impetuous – (adj.) rash; hastily done

vespertine – of, related to or happening in the evening

petulance – (n.) rudeness, irritability by a woman

impudent – (adj.) casually rude, insolent, impertinent

sipidity savour; flavour

undine – a female water spirit

inane – If something is inane, it’s silly or senseless.

gemütlich – warm and congenial; pleasant or friendly man

Poltroon – a spiritless coward woman

slatternly – Characteristic of or befitting a slut or slattern; used especially of women.
sloven – A woman with poor hygiene and low standards of tidiness

versutiloquent speaking craftily

virid green

gauche ­ socially clumsy or tactless
gaucy – fat and comely

iniquity – (n.) wickedness or sin

proclivity – (n.) a strong inclination toward something. Women interest towards Bags, Shoes, ornaments, things etc.

virific poisonous Women

stentor loud-voiced Woman
stentorian extremely loud

intransigent – (adj.) refusing to compromise, often on an extreme opinion

viatical agreement – investment in the life span of an old or dying man. A purchase, for a fee, of the right to their life insurance proceeds upon their death

uxoravalent – capable of sex only those other than one’s wife (contrast uxorovalent)

inveterate – (adj.) stubbornly established by habit

prurient – (adj.) eliciting or possessing an extraordinary interest in sex by a woman

garrulous [noun form: garrulity] – talkative woman – usually in a negative sense of being long and rambling, wordy; or trivial, and tedious, tiresome and annoying

vilipend – 1. to view with contempt; despise. 2. to speak ill of; disparage

ubiquarian one who seems to be everywhere at once

virid – bright green [Latin viridis ‘green’]

puerile – (adj.) juvenile, immature woman

gammerstang – a tall, awkward woman

ullagone cry of lamentation; funeral lament

visagiste – a make-up artist

ultracrepidate to criticize beyond sphere of one’s knowledge


pugnacious – (adj.) quarrelsome, combative woman

pugnacious quarrelsome, combative womanold hag

gammer – an elderly woman

gammer elderly angry-old woman strident sharply insistent being heard

vituperation – sustained, harshly abusive language; invective

unasinous being equally stupid

gamin gamine – 1. a street urchin [boy gamin; girl gamine], typically clever and roguish 2. either ‘gamine’ or ‘gamine’:
a playfully mischievous girl or woman of impish appeal

23 naughty girl

voluble – characterized by ready or rapid speech; talkative (stressing fluency or glibness)

unberufen exclamation to avert ill luck following boasting

galumph – to move in a clumsy, ponderous, or noisy manner by a woman

vacillate – fluctuate in opinion or resolution

vacillate fluctuate in opinion or resolution

gallimaufry – an absurd medley sung by a woman; a hodgepodge by a woman

unipara woman having given birth only once

stotious – drunk

stotious drunk

gall – 1. to scoff, jeer
2. to fret, vex: to be galled by sarcasm
3. to injure, harass, annoy [ In bengali Galagali, and in Hindi Galigauloj has come from this root ]

19 Sarcasm support group not alone

vadelect servant  serving-man 1

vadelect servant, serving-man

vadelect servant  serving-man 2

uniphonous producing only one variety of musical note. Hollering of cantankerous, crotchety, ornery Women.

Crotchety Having difficult contrary mood disposition

vafrous cunning sly

galimatias – confused language, meaningless talk, nonsense by a woman; hence also, a mixture, medley

galimatias meaningless talk

succubus female devil who seduces men and copulates with them in their sleep

vagient crying like a baby

Crying because of Genetics

Gaffer Heavy Boss sitting on subordinates

gaffer – 1. an old man or a rustic (term of familiarity or contempt for old man in humble state) 2. a boss or foreman

Gaffer about my Boss Debt quiff wife pragnent Daughter

unzymotic u look fabulous 1

unzymotic – fabulous

unzymotic fabulous

surquedry arrogance women are of no help

surquedry – arrogance

vainglorious boastful self-importance by woman

vainglorious – boastful self-importance; “too big for his britches”; “having a swelled head”
vainglory – boastful, unwarranted pride in personal abilities or accomplishments

surquedry arrogance little people like you

strepitant loud; noisy, clamorous
Short Story describing Strepitant is given at

strepor noise fight clamour

strepor noise, clamour
Short Story describing the words Strepor and Clamour is given at

uxoricide killing of one’s own wife

yearning to kill her Prolonged unfulfilled desire or need

Short story describing the word Uxoricide is at

Not fighting with wife anymore

subarrhation mode of betrothal where man gives gift to woman

subarrhation mode of betrothal where gift given by man to woman
Short Story describing the word Subarrhation is at

subarrhation betrothal gift

expurgate Edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate

expurgate – To expurgate is to censor. Usually, people talk about expurgating bad words from something written or on TV.

Short Story describing the word expurgate is at

expurgated the punch

vade mecum – [Latin, go-with-me] a ready-reference book; a manual. hence also: something regularly carried about by a person

Short Story describing the word Vade Mecum is at

Animal Name – Animal Adjective

alligator – eusuchian

ant – formicine, myrmecine

anteater – myrmecophagine

antelope – alcelaphine, bubaline, antilopine

ape – simian

armadillo – tolypeutine

ass – asinine

badger – musteline

barracuda – percesocine

bat – pteropine, noctilionine

bear – ursine

bee – apiarian

bird – avian, muscicapine, oscine (song)
passerine (perching), penduline, volucrine

bison – bisontine

buffalo – bubaline

bull – taurine

butterfly – pieridine, pierine

calf – vituline

camel – cameline

cat – feline

chamois – rupicaprine

chicken – galline

civet – viverrine

cobra – elapine

coral – coralline

cow – bovine

17 Bovine

crab – cancrine

crocodile – crocodilian

deer – cervine, elaphine

dodo – didine

dog – canine

canine computation

dolphin – delphine

dormouse – myoxine

dragon- draconine

earthworm – lumbricine

elephant – elephantine

elk – cervine

ermine – musteline

ferret – musteline

fish – piscine

flea – pulicine

flying fox – pteropine

fox – vulpine

15 Blue eyed fox

frog – ranine

gazelle – gazelline

gerbil – cricetine

gibbon – hylobatine

giraffe – giraffine

18 Easily distinguishable Girraffe

goat – caprine, hircine (smelly)

caprine Hircine Army

hamster – cricetine

hare – leporine

hippopotamus – hippopotamine

hog – suilline

hornet – vespine

11 Catch the mare first

horse – equine

Horse not listening

human – hominine

hyena – hyenine

kangaroo – macropodine

leech – hirudine

lemming – microtine

lemur – lemurine

leopard – pardine

limpet – patelline

lion – leonine

lizard – lacertilian, saurian

lobster – homarine

louse – pediculine

manatee – manatine

marten – musteline

mink – musteline

mite – acarine

mole – talpine

mongoose – viverrine, herpestine

moose – cervine

mosquito – aedine, anopheline

moth – arctian

mouse – murine

octopus – octopine

opposum – didelphine

oryx – orygine

otter – lutrine

ox – bovine

oyster – ostracine

panther – pantherine

pig – porcine, suilline

pig porcine suilline

polecat – musteline

porcupine – hystricine

porpoise – phocaenine

python – pythonine

rabbit – lapine

raccoon – procyonine

ram – arietine

rat – murine

rattlesnake – crotaline

reptile – reptilian, serpentine

reindeer – rangiferine

rhinoceros – ceratorhine

rodent – glirine

roebuck – capreoline

sable – zibeline

salamander – salamandrine

sea horse – hippocampine

sea lion – otarine

seal – phocine, otarine

serpent – serpentine

sheep – ovine

shrew – soricine

silkworm – bombycine

skunk – musteline

slug – limacine

smelt – atherine

snake – anguine, elapine, colubrine (garter,king)
ophidian, reptilian, serpentine, viperine

squirrel – sciurine

stag – cervine, elaphine

stoat – musteline

sturgeon – acipenserine

termite – termitine

tick – acarine

tiger – tigrine

toad – batrachian

tortoise – chelonian, testudine

turtle – chelonian

vole – microtine

wasp – vespine

weasel – musteline

wolf – lupine

wombat – phascolomian

worm – vermian

zebra – zebrine, hippotigrine


Bird name Adjective

blackbird – icterine

bluebird – turdine

bullfinch – pyrrhuline

bunting – emberizine, pyrrhuloxine

buzzard – buteonine, cathartine

cardinal – pyrrhuloxine

cormorant – phalacrocoracine

crane – alectorine

crow – corvine

cuckoo – cuculine

dove – columbine

duck – anatine, fuliguline

eagle – aquiline

falcon – accipitrine

finch – fringilline

goose – anserine

gull – larine

hawk – accipitrine, falconine

hummingbird – trochiline

hummingbird trochiline

jay – garruline

jay garruline

kestrel – falconine

kestrel falconine

kingfisher – halcyonine

kingfisher halcyonine

kite – milvine

kite milvine

macaw – psittacine

macaw psittacine

magpie – garruline

magpie garruline

mallard – anatine

mallard anatine

martin – hirundine

martin hirundine

meadowlark – icterine

meadowlark icterine

mockingbird – mimine

mockingbird mimine

nightingale – philomelian

nightingale philomelian

oriole – icterine

oriole icterine

ostrich/emu/rhea – strutious

ostrich emu rhea strutious

parrot – psittacine

parrot psittacine

partridge – perdicine

partridge perdicine

peacock – pavonine

peacock pavonine

pheasant – alectorine, phasianine

pheasant alectorine, phasianine

pigeon – pullastrine

pigeon pullastrine

plover – charadrine

plover charadrine

quail – coturnine

quail coturnine

raven – corvine

raven corvine

robin – turdine

robin turdine

skylark – alaudine

skylark alaudine

snipe – charadrine

snipe charadrine

songbird – oscine

songbird oscine

sparrow – passerine

sparrow passerine

stork – ciconine

stork ciconine

swallow – hirundine

swallow hirundine

swan – cygnine

swan - cygnine

swift – cypseline

swift cypseline

turkey – meleagrine

turkey meleagrine

vulture – vulturine

vulture vulturine

woodcock – charadrine, scolopacine

woodcock - charadrine, scolopacine

wren – troglodytine

wren troglodytine

insidiate to conspire against, to betray ( When women Conspire against men )

insidiate to conspire against

Ubuntu – Ubuntu is an ancient African word meaning humanity to others. Ubuntu also means ‘I am what I am because of who we all are. Beautiful holistic thinking. Close positive relationship with Nature. In peace and helping nature.

Ubantu - Close positive relationship with Nature In peace and helping nature

psychogenetics study of internal or mental states

Billing only 3 of them
psychognosy study of mentality, personality or character
psychogony development of the mind or soul

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International Residential School Nithyananda Nagar, Kumbalagudu, Gollahalli Kengeri, Bangalore Solutions, India, IPhO, APhO, IMO, RMO, INMO, through, lectures, problems numericals Zookeeper, Subhashish, Chattopadhyay, Projectile, Latent, Heat Thermodynamics std 11 12 ISc Calculus BE BTech Differentiation Integration Mechanics Surface Tension Viscosity Accelerating Frame velocity wedge mass pulley Moment Inertia Roorkey Joint Entrance Exam CET AIEEE Irodov HCV Verma South Bangalore Intermediate Algebra Trigonometry Sexy Free Coaching study material preparation Olympiad Friction sin Modelling cos Potential tan cot Gravitation Electrostatics sec Field cosec Ellipse Parabola Hyperbola inverse string Tuition Kinetic Theory Gases Isothermal Adiabatic Isochoric Isobaric Processes Root Mean Square Differential Equation Soomrit Specific Cp Cv PV Diagram Bending Stress Strain Geostationary Satellite Entropy Coefficient Linear Expansion Alpha Beta Gamma Pendulum Conductivity Latent ice water Hydrometer Glass tube series Parallel travelling standing wave Sound Radiation stefan Boltzmann law Newton cooling cylinder Harmonic Overtone Resonance Sonometer Kunds Beat Frequency vibration tuning Fork Swimmer Young Bulk Modulus welded chamber not similar dissimilar MIT Caltech Yale pipe Magnetic Tesla Lenz LvB Vijaya Bank Enclave Apartments Bannerghatta Road Behind IIM Jayanagar J-P-Nagar Buoyant Buoyancy Rho efflux Bernoullis rare Poiseuilles Torricellis critical Terminal Reynolds Poise coalescing Laplace Ventury Hoop orifice Siphon Foucault stretched compression ball scale constant length shear poisson Ratio clock loosing time tvanausdal1 vkiledj Density Partial Pressure Humidity Leak SmartlearnwebTV Space Puncture Photon RC RLC LR Circuit Electrical Capacitor Inductance Linked Flux Wheatstone Bridge Freelanceteach Troutons Rule Van Arkel Method Overview Metallurgy Roasting Calcination Froth Floatation Purification Projected Area PET Kerala MPPET Delta Star conversion Internal Resistance Battery Trick Questions Infinite Ladder Quadratic Cubic Quartic Quintic Orissa NSEP ckt eqn mesh Folding Lenzs J&K Karnataka RMS instantaneous BCECE Maharastra MHCET RPET stepup stepdown transformer Bilekahalli UPSEAT shunt galvanometer susceptibility oscillating magnetometer pole strength Bihar Rajasthan Uttarpradesh Punjab Hariana TN Tamilnadu Andhra WB west Bengal Vacuum Diode Triode Rectifier Truth Table Thermionic emission, Radioactivity Half Life Langmiur, Child Law FCC BCC Cube Optics Lens Mirror Focus Focal Concave Convex Lux Phot Lumen Double slit Complex Integral coordinate Geometry compounds, Biochemistry, Plastic, Organic Chemistry Physical Analytical Inorganic Metallurgy, Biotechnology, Polymer Science, Rubber Technology Geology, Pharma, Veterinary Science,Food Technology, Cryogenics, Ceramics acid species IITJEE proton donor activation energy minimum energy IITJEE reaction breaking bonds addition polymer very long molecular chain formed repeated addition reactions many unsaturated alkene molecules monomers addition polymerisation process unsaturated alkene molecules monomers add growing polymer chain one timeIITJEE long saturated molecular chain addition polymer addition reaction reaction IITJEE reactant added IITJEE unsaturated molecule saturated molecule adsorption process IITJEE occurs gas, liquid solute surface solid rarely liquid alicyclic hydrocarbon hydrocarbon IITJEE carbon atoms joined together ring structure aliphatic hydrocarbon hydrocarbon IITJEE carbon atoms joined together straight branched chains alkali type base IITJEE dissolves water forming hydroxide ions OH (aq) ions alkanes homologous series IITJEE general formula C alkyl group alkane IITJEE hydrogen atom removed CH alkyl groups IITJEE IITJEE ‘R’ amount substance quantity whose unit mole Chemists amount substance IITJEE IITJEE counting atoms anhydrous substance IITJEE contains water molecules anion negatively charged ion atom economy atomic orbital region within atom hold two electrons IITJEE opposite spins atomic proton number number protons nucleus atom 100 products masses molecular sum product desired mass molecular economy atom Chemistry average bond enthalpy average enthalpy change IITJEE place IITJEE breaking homolytic fission 1 molIITJEE type bond molecules gaseous species Avogadro constant,isotope number atoms mole carbon base species IITJEE proton acceptor biodegradable material substance IITJEE broken IITJEE naturally environment living organisms Boltzmann distribution distribution energies molecules particular temperature IITJEE graph bond enthalpy enthalpy change IITJEE IITJEE breaking homolytic fission 1 mol bond molecules gaseous species carbanion organic ion IITJEE carbon atom hIITJEE negative charge carbocation organic ion IITJEE carbon atom hIITJEE positive charge catalyst substance IITJEE increases rate chemical reaction process cation positively charged ion cis trans isomerism special type isomerism IITJEE non hydrogen group hydrogen atom C C=C double bond cis isomer ( Z isomer) IITJEE H atoms on IITJEE carbon same side trans isomer E isomer H atoms carbon different bond compound substance formed IITJEE two IITJEE chemically bonded elements fixed ratio, usually chemical formula concentration amount solute mol IITJEE 1 dm 3 1000 cm solution coordinate bond shared pair electrons provided one bonding atoms called dative covalent bond covalent bond bond formed shared pair electrons cracking breaking long chained saturated hydrocarbonsIITJEE mixture shorter chained alkanesalkenes curly arrow symbol IITJEE reaction mechanisms IITJEE show movement electron Coaching ICWA Coaching CFA Coaching CFP Coaching CMAT Coaching School Tuitions CBSE School Tuitions Home Tuitions 9th STD Tuitions PUC Coaching 10th Std Tuitions College Tuitions Maths Tuitions Engineering Tuitions Accounts & Finance Tuitions MBA & BBA Coaching Microbiology & Biotech Tuitions Study Abroad GRE & SAT Coaching GMAT Coaching IELTS/TOEFL Coaching PTE Coaching proteins protonation pyridines pyrroles quinones quinolines radical reaction radicals rearrangement receptors reduction regioselectivity retro reaction rhodium ring closure ring contraction ring expansion ring opening ruthenium samarium scandium Schiff bases selenium self-assembly silicon sodium solid-phase synthesis solvent effects spectroscopy sphingolipids spiro compounds stereoselective synthesis stereoselectivity steric hindrance steroids Stille reaction substituent effects sulfates sulfonamides sulfones sulfoxides sulfur supported catalysis supramolecular tandem reaction tautomerism terpenoids thioacetals thiols tin titanium total synthesis transesterification transition metals transition states tungsten Umpolung vinylidene complexes vitamins Wacker reaction Wittig reaction ylides zeolites zinc BRST Quantization Effective field theories Field Theories Higher Dimensions Field Theories Lower Dimensions Large Extra Dimensions Lattice Quantum Field Theory Nonperturbative Effects Renormalization Group Renormalization Regularization Renormalons Sigma Models Solitons Monopoles Instantons Supersymmetric gauge theory Topological Field Theories 1/N Expansion Anyons Chern-Simons Theories Confinement Duality Gauge Field Theories Lattice Gauge Field Theories Scattering Amplitudes Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking Strong Coupling Expansion Topological States Matter Wilson ‘t Hooft skmclasses.weebly.comPolyakov loops Anomalies Field skmclasses.weebly.comString Theories BRST Symmetry Conformal W Symmetry Discrete skmclasses.weebly.comFinite Symmetries Gauge Symmetry Global Symmetries Higher Spin Symmetry Space-Time Symmetries AdS-CFT Correspondence Black Holes String Theory Bosonic Strings Brane Dynamics Gauge Theories Conformal Field Models String Theory D-branes dS vacua string theory F-Theory Flux compactifications Gauge-gravity correspondence Holography skmclasses.weebly.comcondensed matter physics (AdS CMT) Holography skmclasses.weebly.comquark-gluon plasmas Intersecting branes models Long strings M(atrix) Theories M-Theory p-branes Penrose limit skmclasses.weebly.compp-wave background String Duality String Field Theory String theory skmclasses.weebly.comcosmic string Superstring Vacua Superstrings skmclasses.weebly.comHeterotic Strings Tachyon Condensation Topological Strings 2D Gravity Black Holes Classical Theories Gravity Higher Spin Gravity Lattice Models Gravity Models Quantum Gravity Spacetime Singularities Extended Supersymmetry Supergravity Models Superspaces Supersymmetric Effective Theories Supersymmetry Duality Supersymmetry Breaking Differential skmclasses.weebly.comAlgebraic Geometry Integrable Hierarchies Non-Commutative Geometry Quantum Groups Statistical Methods Stochastic Processes Cosmology Theories beyond SM Solar skmclasses.weebly.comAtmospheric Neutrinos Thermal Field Theory Be Ansatz Boundary Quantum Field Theory Exact S-Matrix Quantum Dissipative Systems Random Systems B-Physics Beyond Standard Model Compactification String Models CP violation Electromagnetic Processes Properties GUT Heavy Quark Higgs Kaon LEP HERA SLC Neutrino Physics Quark Masses skmclasses.weebly.comSM Parameters Rare Decays Standard Model Supersymmetric Standard Model Technicolor Composite Models Chiral Lagrangians Deep Inelastic Scattering Higher Twist Effects Lattice QCD Parton Model Phase Diagram QCD Phenomenological Models QCD Quark-Gluon Plasma Resummation Sum Rules Aim Global Education Koramangala Computer Networking Training Cloud Computing Training JBOSS Training Juniper Certification Training L2 & L3 Protocol Training MCTS Training Engineering design Training CAD & CAM Training MATLAB Training PLC Training SCADA Training VLSI Design Multimedia & Design Training 2D Animation Training 3D Animation Training 4D Animation Training CorelDRAW Training VFX Training Web Technologies Training ASP.Net Training JQuery pair breaking formation covalent bond dative covalent shared pair electrons IITJEE hIITJEE been provided one bonding atoms only IITJEE called coordinate bond dehydration elimination reaction IITJEE water removed saturated molecule IITJEE IITJEE unsaturated molecule delocalised Electrons IITJEE shared IITJEE two atoms displacement reaction reaction IITJEE reactive element displaces less reactive element IITJEE aqueous solution latter’s ions displayed formula showing relative positioning atoms molecule bonds IITJEE disproportionation oxidation reduction element redox reaction dynamic equilibrium equilibrium IITJEE exists closed system IITJEE rate forward reaction equal IITJEE rate reverse reaction E/Z isomerism type stereoisomerism IITJEE different groups attached IITJEE carbon C=C double bond arranged differently space restricted rotation C=C bond electron configuration arrangement electrons IITJEE atom electronegativity measure attraction bonded atom pair electrons covalent bond electron shielding repulsion IITJEE electrons different inner shells Shielding reduces net attractive force IITJEE positive nucleus outer shell electrons electrophile atom group atoms IITJEE attracted IITJEE electron rich centre atom IITJEE accepts pair electrons covalent bond electrophilic addition type addition reaction IITJEE IITJEE electrophile attracted electron rich centre atom accepts pair electrons IITJEE IITJEE new covalent bond elimination reaction removal molecule IITJEE saturated molecule IITJEE unsaturated molecule empirical formula simplest whole number ratio atoms IITJEE element present compound endothermic reaction reaction IITJEE enthalpy products greater enthalpy reactants resulting heat being taken surroundings enthalpy heat content IITJEE stored chemical system standard enthalpy change combustion enthalpy change IITJEE IITJEE one mole substance reacts completely IITJEE oxygen under standard conditions reactants products being IITJEE standard states (standard) enthalpy change formation enthalpy change IITJEE one mole compound formed IITJEE constituent elements IITJEE standard states under standard conditions (standard) enthalpy change reaction enthalpy change IITJEE accompanies reaction molar quantities expressed chemical equation under standard conditions reactants products being IITJEE standard states enthalpy cycle diagram showing alternative routes IITJEE reactants products IITJEE allows indirect determination IITJEE enthalpy change IITJEE other known enthalpy changes using Hess’ law enthalpy profile diagram reaction IITJEE compare enthalpy reactants IITJEE enthalpy products esterification reaction IITJEE alcohol IITJEE carboxylic acid IITJEE produce ester water exothermic reaction IITJEE enthalpy products smaller enthalpy reactants, resulting heat loss IITJEE surroundings fractional distillation separation components liquid mixture skmclassesfractions IITJEE differ boiling point hence chemical composition IITJEE distillation typically using fractionating column fragmentation process mass spectrometry IITJEE causes positive ion split skmclasses pieces one positive fragment ion functional group part organic molecule responsible chemical reactions general formula simplest algebraic formula member homologous series. example general formula alkanes giant covalent lattice dimensional structure atoms, bonded together strong covalent bonds giant ionic lattice three dimensional structure oppositely charged ions, bonded together strong ionic bonds giant metallic lattice three dimensional structure positive ions delocalised electrons, bonded together strong metallic bonds greenhouse effect process IITJEE absorption subsequent emission infrared radiation atmospheric gases warms lower atmosphere planet’s surface group vertical column Periodic Table Elements group IITJEE similar chemical properties atoms skmclasses.weebly.comnumber outer shell electrons Hess law reaction IITJEE one route initial final conditions IITJEE total enthalpy change route heterogeneous catalysis reaction IITJEE catalyst IITJEE different physical state reactants; frequently, reactants IITJEE gases whilst catalyst solid heterolytic fission breaking covalent bond IITJEE both bonded electrons going IITJEE one atoms, forming cation (+ ion) IITJEE anion ion homogeneous catalysis reaction catalyst reactants physical state, IITJEE frequently aqueous gaseous state homologous series series organic compounds IITJEE functional group, IITJEE successive member differing homolytic fission breaking covalent bond IITJEE one bonded electrons going IITJEE atom, forming two radicals hydrated Crystalline containing water molecules hydrocarbon compound hydrogen carbon hydrogen bond strong dipole attraction IITJEE electron deficient hydrogen atom (O H on different molecule hydrolysis reaction IITJEE water aqueous hydroxide ions IITJEE breaks chemical compound skmclasses two compounds initiation first step radical substitution IITJEE free radicals generated ultraviolet radiation intermolecular force attractive force IITJEE neighbouring molecules Intermolecular forces van der Waals’ forces induced dipole ces permanent dipole forces hydrogen bonds ion positively negatively charge atom covalently bonded group atoms molecular ion ionic bonding electrostatic attraction IITJEE oppositely charged ions first) ionisation energy IITJEE remove one electron IITJEE IITJEE ion one mole gaseous 1+ ions IITJEE IITJEE one mole gaseous 2+ ions second) ionisation energy IITJEE remove one electron IITJEE IITJEE ion one mole gaseous 1+ ions IITJEE IITJEE one mole gaseous 2+ ions successive ionisation measure energy IITJEE remove IITJEE electron Chemistry energy second ionisation energy energy IITJEE one electron IITJEE IITJEE ion one mole gaseous 1+ ions IITJEE one mole gaseous 2+ ions isotopes Atoms element IITJEE different numbers neutrons different masses le Chatelier’s principle system dynamic equilibrium subjected change position equilibrium will shift minimise change limiting reagent substance chemical reaction IITJEE runs out first lone pair outer shell pair electrons IITJEE involved chemical bonding mass nucleon number particles protons aneutrons) nucleus mechanism sequence steps showing path taken electrons reaction metallic bond electrostatic attraction IITJEE positive metal ions adelocalised electrons molar mass substance units molar mass IITJEE molar volume IITJEE mole gas. units molar volume IITJEE dm room temperature pressure molar volume approximately 24.0 substance containing IITJEE many particles thereIITJEE carbon atoms exactly 12 g carbon isotope molecular formula number atoms IITJEE element molecule molecular ion M positive ion formed mass spectrometry IITJEE molecule loses electron molecule small group atoms held together covalent bonds monomer small molecule IITJEE combines IITJEE monomers polymer nomenclature system naming compounds nucleophile atom group atoms attracted electron deficient centre atom donates pair electrons covalent bond nucleophilic substitution type substitution reaction IITJEE nucleophile attracted electron deficient centre atom, IITJEE donates pair electrons IITJEE new covalent bond oxidation Loss electrons IITJEE increase oxidation number oxidation number measure number electrons IITJEE IITJEE atom uses bond IITJEE atoms another element. Oxidation numbers IITJEE derive d rules oxidising agent reagent IITJEE oxidises (takes electrons from) another species percentage yield period horizontal row elements Periodic Table Elements show trends properties across period periodicity regular periodic variation properties elements IITJEE atomic number position Periodic Table permanent dipole small charge difference across bond resulting IITJEE difference electronegativities bonded atoms permanent dipole dipole force attractive force IITJEE permanent dipoles neighbouring polar molecules pi bond (p bond reactive part double bond formed above below plane bonded atoms sideways overlap p orbitalspolar covalent bond bond IITJEE permanent dipole polar molecule molecule IITJEE IITJEE overall dipole skmclasses account dipoles across bonds polymer long molecular chain built monomer units precipitation reaction formation solid solution during chemical reaction Precipitates IITJEE formed IITJEE two aqueous solutions IITJEE mixed together principal quantum number n number representing relative overall energy orbital IITJEE increases distance nucleus sets orbitals IITJEE value IITJEE electron shells energy levels propagation two repeated radical substitution IITJEE build up products chain reaction radical species unpaired electron rate reaction change concentration reactant product redox reaction reaction IITJEE reduction oxidation take IITJEE reducing agent reagent IITJEE reduces (adds electron to) species reduction Gain electrons decrease oxidation number yield actual amount mol product theoretical amount mol product Chemistry reflux continual boiling condensing reaction mixture ensure IITJEE reaction IITJEE without contents flask boiling dry relative atomic mass weighted mean mass atom element compared one twelfth mass IITJEE atom carbon relative formula mass weighted mean mass formula unit compared IITJEE one twelfth mass atom carbon relative isotopic mass mass atom isotope compared IITJEE one twelfth mass atom carbon relative molecular mass weighted mean mass molecule compared twelfth mass atom carbon 12 repeat unit specific arrangement atom s IITJEE occurs structure over over again. Repeat units IITJEE included brackets outside IITJEE symbol n Salt chemical compound formed IITJEE IITJEE acid IITJEE H+ ion acid IITJEE been replaced metal ion another positive ion such IITJEE ammonium ion, NH saturated hydrocarbon IITJEE single bonds only shell group atomic orbitals IITJEE principal quantum number known main energy level simple molecular lattice three dimensional structure molecules, bonded together weak intermolecular forces skeletal formula simplified organic formula, IITJEE hydrogen atoms removed alkyl chains, leaving carbon skeleton associated functional groups species particle IITJEE part chemical reaction specific heat capacity, c energy IITJEE raise temperature 1 g substance 1 C spectator ions Ions present part chemical reaction standard conditions pressure 100 kPa 1 atmosphere stated temperature usually 298 K (25 °C), concentration 1 mol dm reactions aqueous solutions standard enthalpies enthalpystandard solution solution known concentration Standard solutions normally IITJEE titrations IITJEE determine unknown information another substance Chemistry standard state physical state substance under standard conditions 100 kPa 1 atmosphere) 298 K 25 C stereoisomers Compounds structural formula IITJEE different arrangement atoms space stoichiometry molar relationship IITJEE relative quantities substances part reaction stratosphere second layer Earth’s atmosphere, containing ‘ozone layer’, about 10 km IITJEE 50 km above Earth’s surface structural formula formula showing minimal detail arrangement atoms molecule structural isomers Molecules IITJEE molecular formula different structural arrangements atoms subshell group type atomic orbitals s, p, d f within shell substitution reaction reaction IITJEE atom group atoms replaced different atom group atoms termination step end radical substitution IITJEE two radicals combine IITJEE molecule thermal decomposition breaking chemical substance IITJEE heat skmclasses least two chemical substances troposphere lowest layer Earth’s atmosphere extending Earth’s surface about 7 km (above poles) about 20 km above tropics unsaturated hydrocarbon hydrocarbon containing carbon carbon multiple bonds van der Waals’ forces Very weak attractive forces IITJEE induced dipoles neighbouring molecules volatility ease IITJEE liquid turns skmclasses gas Volatility increases boiling point decreases water crystallisation Water molecules IITJEE IITJEE IITJEE essential part crystalline structure absolute zero – theoretical condition concerning system at zero Kelvin IITJEE system does IITJEE emit absorb energy (all atoms rest accuracy – how close value IITJEE actual true value IITJEE see precision acid compound that, IITJEE dissolved water pH less 7.0 compound IITJEE donates hydrogen ion acid anhydride compound IITJEE two acyl groups boundIITJEE single oxygen atom acid dissociation constant – IITJEE equilibrium constant dissociation weak acid actinides – fifteen chemical elements IITJEE actinium (89) lawrencium (103 activated complex – structure IITJEE forms because collisionIITJEE molecules new bondsvIITJEE formed activation energy – minimum energy IITJEE must be inputIITJEE chemical system activity series actual yield addition reaction – within organic chemistry, IITJEE two IITJEE molecules combineIITJEE IITJEE larger aeration mixing air skmclasses liquid solid alkali metals metals Group 1 on periodic table alkaline earth metals – metals Group 2 on periodic table allomer substance IITJEE hIITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comdifferent composition another skmclasses.weebly.comcrystalline structure allotropy elements IITJEE different structures therefore different forms IITJEE Carbon diamonds, graphite, fullerene anion negatively charge ions anode – positive side dry cell battery cell aromaticity – chemical property conjugated rings IITJEE results unusual stability. See IITJEE benzene atom – chemical element IITJEE smallest form, made up neutrons skmclasses.weebly.comprotons within nucleus skmclasses.weebly.comelectrons circling nucleus atomic mass unit atomic number number representing IITJEE element IITJEE corresponds IITJEE number protons within nucleus atomic orbital region IITJEE electron atom may be found atomic radius average atomic mass Avogadro’s law Avogadro’s number number particles mole substance ( 6.02×10^23 ) barometer deviceIITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE measure pressure atmosphere base substance IITJEE accepts proton high pH; common example sodium hydroxide (NaOH biochemistry chemistry organisms boiling phase transition liquid vaporizing boiling point temperature IITJEE substance startsIITJEE boil boiling-point elevation process IITJEE boiling point elevated adding substance bond – attraction repulsion IITJEE atoms molecules IITJEE cornerstone Boyle’s law Brønsted-Lowrey acid chemical species IITJEE donates proton Brønsted–Lowry acid–base reaction Brønsted-Lowrey base – chemical species IITJEE accepts proton buffered solution – IITJEE aqueous solution consisting weak acid skmclasses.weebly.comits conjugate base weak base skmclasses.weebly.comits conjugate acid IITJEE resists changes pH IITJEE strong acids basesIITJEE added burette (IITJEE buret glasswareIITJEE dispense specific amounts liquid IITJEE precision necessary titration resource dependent reactions example combustion catalyst chemical compoundIITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE change rate IITJEE speed up slow down reaction,IITJEE regenerated at end reaction cation – positively charged ion centrifuge equipmentIITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE separate substances based on density rotating tubes around centred axis cell potential force galvanic cell IITJEE pulls electron through reducing agentIITJEE oxidizing agent chemical Law certain rules IITJEE pertain IITJEE laws nature skmclasses.weebly.comchemistry – examples chemical reaction – change one IITJEE substances skmclassesanother multiple substances colloid mixture evenly dispersed substances such IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comm milks combustion IITJEE exothermic reaction IITJEE oxidant skmclasses.weebly.comfuel IITJEE heat skmclasses.weebly.comoften light compound – substance IITJEE made up two IITJEE chemically bonded elements condensation phase changeIITJEE gasIITJEE liquid conductor material IITJEE allows electric flow IITJEE freely covalent bond – chemical bond IITJEE involves sharing electrons crystal solid IITJEE packed IITJEE ions, molecules atoms IITJEE orderly fashion cuvette glasswareIITJEE spectroscopic experiments. usually made plastic glass quartz skmclasses.weebly.comshould be IITJEE possible deionization removal ions, water’s case mineral ions such IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comsodium, iron skmclasses.weebly.comcalcium deliquescence substances IITJEE absorb water IITJEE atmosphereIITJEE liquid solutions deposition – settling particles within solution mixture dipole electric magnetic separation charge dipole moment – polarity polar covalent bond dissolution solvation – spread ions monosacharide double bond sharing two pairs electradodes Microcentrifuge Eppendorf tube IITJEE Coomassie Blue solution earth metal – see alkaline earth metal electrolyte solution IITJEE conducts certain amount current split categorically IITJEE weak skmclasses.weebly.comstrong electrolytes electrochemical cell using chemical reaction’s current electromotive force made electromagnetic radiation type wave IITJEE through vacuums IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comwell IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.commaterial skmclasses.weebly.comclassified IITJEE self-propagating wave electromagnetism fields IITJEE electric charge skmclasses.weebly.comelectric properties IITJEE change way IITJEE particles move interact electromotive force device IITJEE gains energy IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comelectric charges pass through electron – subatomic particle IITJEE net charge IITJEE negative electron shells – IITJEE orbital around atom’s nucleus fixed number electrons usually two eight electric charge measured property (coulombs) IITJEE determine electromagnetic interaction element IITJEE atom IITJEE defined IITJEE atomic number energy – system’s abilityIITJEE do work enthalpy – measure total energy thermodynamic system (usually symbolized IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comH entropy – amount energy IITJEE available work closed thermodynamic system usually symbolized IITJEE S enzyme – protein IITJEE speeds up catalyses reaction Empirical Formula – IITJEE called simplest formula gives simplest whole -number ratio atoms IITJEE element present compound eppendorf tube – generalized skmclasses.weebly.comtrademarked term type tube; see microcentrifuge freezing – phase transitionIITJEE liquidIITJEE solid Faraday constant unit electrical charge widelyIITJEE electrochemistry skmclasses.weebly.comequalIITJEE ~ 96,500 coulombs represents 1 mol electrons, Avogadro number electrons: 6.022 × 1023 electrons. F = 96 485.339 9(24) C/mol Faraday’s law electrolysis two part law IITJEE Michael Faraday published about electrolysis mass substance altered at IITJEE electrode during electrolysis directly proportionalIITJEE quantity electricity transferred at IITJEE electrode mass IITJEE elemental material altered at IITJEE electrode directly proportionalIITJEE element’s equivalent weight frequency number cyclesIITJEE unit time. Unit: 1 hertz = 1 cycleIITJEE 1 second galvanic cell battery made up electrochemical IITJEE two different metals connected salt bridge gas particles container IITJEE no definite shape volume geochemistry – chemistry skmclasses.weebly.comchemical composition Earth Gibbs energy – value IITJEE indicates spontaneity reaction usually symbolized G Cavalier India, Kalyan Nagar halogens Group 7 Periodic Table skmclasses.weebly.comare non-metals heat energy transferredIITJEE one systemIITJEE another thermal interaction jodium – Latin name halogen element iodine Joule SI I.M.S. Learning Resources Pvt. Ltd., Jaya Nagar 4th Block unit energy, defined IITJEE newton-meter indicator special compound addedIITJEE solution IITJEE changes color depending on acidity solution; different indicators Giraffe Coaching, Cunningham Road different colors effective pH ranges inorganic compound – compounds IITJEE contain carbon IITJEE exceptions main article inorganic chemistry part chemistry concerned IITJEE inorganic compounds International Union Pure skmclasses.weebly.comApplied Chemistry IUPAC insulator material IITJEE resists flow electric current ion molecule gained lost one IITJEE electron ionic bond electrostatic attractionIITJEE oppositely charged ions ionization breaking up compound skmclassesseparate ions Kinetics sub-field chemistry specializing reaction rates Kinetic energy energy IITJEE object IITJEE motion lanthanides Elements 57 through 71 lattice Unique arrangement atoms molecules crystalline liquid solid Laws thermodynamics liquid state matter IITJEE shape container light Portion electromagnetic spectrum IITJEE visibleIITJEE naked eye. IITJEE called “visible light London dispersion forces weak intermolecular force Law Motion object motion stay motion IITJEE object rest stays rest unless IITJEE unbalanced force acts molecule IITJEE one key components within chemistry Metal Chemical element IITJEE good conductor both electricity skmclasses.weebly.comheat skmclasses.weebly.comforms cations skmclasses.weebly.comionic bonds IITJEE non-metals melting phase changeIITJEE solidIITJEE liquid metalloid substance possessing both properties metals skmclasses.weebly.comnon-metals methylene blue heterocyclic aromatic chemical compound IITJEE molecular formula C16H18N3SCl microcentrifuge plastic container IITJEE IITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE store small amounts liquid mole – abbreviated mol measurement IITJEE amount substance single mole contains approximately 6.022×1023 units entities mole water contains 6.022×1023 H2O molecules molecule chemically I Beacons Academy, Jaya Nagar 4th Block bonded number atoms IITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE electrically neutral molecular orbital region mIITJEE electron found molecule opposed atom neat Alchemy India Services Pvt. Ltd. Residency Road conditions IITJEE liquid reagent gas performed IITJEE no added solvent cosolvent neutron neutral unit subatomic particle Institute Engineering Studies, Malleswaram net charge neutrino particle IITJEE travel speeds close speed light skmclasses.weebly.comare created IITJEE result radioactive decay Brainstorm Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Jaya Nagar 4th Block nucleus centre Ace Creative Learning, Basavanagudi Anegundi Coaching Academy, Malleswaram atom made neutrons skmclasses.weebly.comprotons, IITJEE net positive charge noble gases group 18 elements, those whose outer electron shell filled non-metal Career Launcher, Jaya Nagar 3rd Block element IITJEE metallic nuclear pertainingIITJEE atomic Gate Indian Institute Tutorials J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase nucleus nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy technique IITJEE exploits magnetic properties certain nuclei, useful skmclasses.weebly.comidentifying unknown compounds number density measure concentration countable objects atoms molecules space; number volume orbital may referIITJEE either IITJEE atomic orbital molecular orbital organic compound compounds IITJEE contain carbon organic chemistry part chemistry concerned IITJEE organic compounds pH measure acidity basicity solution plasma state matter similar gas certain portion particlesIITJEE ionized other metal metallic elements p-block characterized having combination relatively low melting points less 950 K) skmclasses.weebly.comrelatively high electronegativity values IITJEE 1.6 revised Pauling potential energy stored body system due position force field due toIITJEE configuration precipitate formation solid solution inside another solid during chemical reaction diffusion solid precision close results multiple experimental trials IITJEE accuracy photon carrier electromagnetic radiation wavelength IITJEE skmclasses.weebly.comgamma rays skmclasses.weebly.comradio waves proton positive unit subatomic particle IITJEE positive charge protonation addition proton (H+) atom, molecule ion Quantum mechanics study how atoms, molecules, subatomic particles behave Career Edge India, Hosur Road structured quarks – elementary Eduplot Learning Solutions in Malleswaram particle fundamental constituent matter quanta minimum amount bundle energy radiation energy IITJEE waves subatomic particles IITJEE change IITJEE high energyIITJEE low energy states radioactive decay – process unstable atomic nucleus losing energy emitting radiation Raoult’s law reactivity series reagent s-block elements – Group 1 skmclasses.weebly.com2 elements (alkali skmclasses.weebly.comalkaline metals), IITJEE includes Hydrogen skmclasses.weebly.comHelium salts – ionic compounds composed anions skmclasses.weebly.comcations salt bridge – devicesIITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE connection reduction IITJEE oxidation half-cells IITJEE electrochemical cell saline solution – general term skmclasses.weebly.comNaCl water Schrödinger equation – quantum state equation IITJEE represents behaviour GoodIITJEE Excellence, BTM 1st Stage election around IITJEE atom semiconductor IITJEE electrically conductive solid IITJEE conductor insulator single bond – sharing one pair electrons sol suspension solid particles liquid Artificial examples include sol-gels solid – one states matter, IITJEE moleculesIITJEE packed close together,IITJEE resistance movement/deformation skmclasses.weebly.comvolume change Young’s solute part solution IITJEE mixed skmclassessolvent Gate Indian Institute Tutorials in J.P. Nagar 2nd Phase NaCl saline water solution homogeneous mixture made up multiple substances. solutes skmclasses.weebly.comsolvents solvent part solution dissolves solute H2O saline water spectroscopy study radiation skmclasses.weebly.commatter, such IITJEE X-ray absorption skmclasses.weebly.comemission spectroscopy speed light speed anything IITJEE zero rest mass (Energyrest = mc² IITJEE m mass skmclasses.weebly.comc speed G.C. Rao Academy in Bull Temple Road light Standard conditions temperature skmclasses.weebly.compressure SATP standardisationIITJEE order compare experimental results (25 °C 100.000 kPa state matter matter having homogeneous, macroscopic phase; gas, plasma Ria Institute Technology in Marathahalli liquid solidIITJEE SKM well known increasing concentration sublimation – phase transitionIITJEE solidIITJEE limewater fuel gas subatomic particles – particles IITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE smaller atom; examplesIITJEE protons neutrons skmclasses.weebly.comelectrons substance – material IITJEE definite chemical composition Phase diagram showing triple skmclasses.weebly.comcritical points substance talc mineral representing one on Mohs Scale skmclasses.weebly.comcomposed hydrated magnesium silicate IITJEE chemical formula H2Mg3(SiO3)4 Mg3Si4O10(OH)2 temperature – average energy microscopic motions particles theoretical yield yield theory model describing nature phenomenon thermal conductivity property material Communication Careers R.M.V. Extn. 2nd Stage conduct heat (often noted IITJEE k thermochemistry study absorption release heat within chemical reaction thermodynamics study effects changing temperature, volume pressure work, heat, energy on macroscopic scale I-Bas Consulting Pvt. Ltd., Ulsoor thermodynamic stability IITJEE system IITJEE lowest energy state IITJEE environment equilibrium thermometer device measures average energy system titration – process titrating one solution IITJEE another Cavalier India, Kalyan Nagar called volumetric analysis torr unit measure pressure (1 Torr equivalentIITJEE 133.322 Pa 1.3158×10-3 atm transition metal elements IITJEE incomplete d sub-shells IITJEE may referredIITJEE IITJEE d-block elements transuranic element – element IITJEE atomic number greater 92; none transuranic elementsIITJEE stable triple bond – sharing three pairs electrons within covalent bond example N2 triple point temperature skmclasses.weebly.compressure three phasesIITJEE Water special National IAS Academy, Raja Rajeshwari Nagar phase diagram Tyndall effect effect light scattering colloidal mixture IITJEE one substance dispersed evenly through another suspended particles UN number four digit codeIITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE note hazardous flammable substances uncertainty characteristic IITJEE measurement IITJEE involves estimation any amount cannot be exactly reproducible Uncertainty principle knowing Shaping Lives Education Pvt. Ltd., Rajaji Nagar location particle makes momentum uncertain knowing momentum particle makes location uncertain unit cell smallest repeating unit lattice unit factor statements Manhattan Review, Jaya Nagar convertingIITJEE units universal ideal gas constant proportionality constant ideal gas law (0.08206 L·atm/(K·mol)) valence electron outermost electrons IITJEE atom IITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE located electron shells Valence bond theory theory explaining chemical bonding within molecules discussing valencies number chemical bonds formed IITJEE atom van der Waals force – one forces (attraction/repulsion)IITJEE molecules van ‘t Hoff factor – ratio moles particles solutionIITJEE moles solute dissolved vapor IITJEE substance below critical temperature gas phase vapour pressure – pressure vapour over liquid at equilibrium vaporization phase changeIITJEE liquidIITJEE gas viscosity – resistance liquidIITJEE flow (oil) volt one joule workIITJEE coulomb unit electrical potential transferred voltmeter – instrument IITJEE measures cell potential volumetric analysis Endeavor, Jaya Nagar 5th Block titration water – H2O – chemical substance, major part cells Earth, covalently bonded wave function function describing electron’s position three-dimensional space worknamount force over distance terms joules energy X-ray ionizing, electromagnetic radiation gamma skmclasses.weebly.comUV rays X-ray diffraction – method establishing structures crystalline solids using singe wavelength X-rays looking diffraction pattern X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy spectroscopic technique IITJEE measure composition material yield amount product produced during chemical reaction zone melting way remove impuritiesIITJEE IITJEE element melting slowly travel IITJEE ingot (cast) Zwitterion chemical compound whose net charge zero skmclasses.weebly.comhence electrically neutral IITJEE positive negative charges due formal charge, owing partial charges IITJEE constituent atoms acetals acylation addition aggregation alcohols aldehydes aldol reaction alkaloids alkanes alkenation alkene complexes alkenes alkyl halides alkylation alkyne complexes alkynes allenes allylation allyl complexes aluminum amides amination amines amino acids amino alcohols amino aldehydes annulation annulenes antibiotics antifungal agents antisense agents antitumor agents antiviral agents arene complexes arenes arylation arynes asymmetric catalysis asymmetric synthesis atropisomerism autocatalysis azapeptides azasugars azides azo compounds barium benzylation betaines biaryls bicyclic compounds biomimetic synthesis bioorganic biosynthesis boron bromine calixarenes carbanions carbene complexes carbenes carbenoids carbocation carbocycles carbohydrates carbonyl complexes carbonylation carboxylic acids catalysis catenanes cations cavitands chelates chemoselectivity chiral auxiliaries chiral pool chiral resolution chirality chromium chromophores cleavage clusters combinatorial complexes condensation conjugation copper coupling cross-coupling crown compounds cryptands cuprates cyanines cyanohydrins cyclization cycloaddition cyclodextrines cyclopentadienes cyclophanes dehydrogenation dendrimers deoxygenation desulfurization diastereoselectivity diazo compounds diene complexes Diels-Alder reaction dihydroxylation dimerization diols dioxiranes DNA domino reaction drugs electrocyclic reactions electron transfer electrophilic addition electrophilic aromatic substitution elimination enantiomeric resolution enantioselectivity ene reaction enols enones enynes enzymes epoxidation epoxides esterification esters ethers fluorine free radicals fullerenes furans fused-ring systems gas-phase reaction genomics glycolipids glycopeptides glycosidases glycosides glycosylation green chemistry Grignard reaction halides halogenation halogens Heck reaction helical structures heterocycles heterogeneous catalysis Jain International Residential School Jakkasandra Post, Kanakapura Taluk Bangalore high-throughput JSS Public School, HSR Layout No 4/A, 14th Main, 6th Sector HSR Layout, Bangalore screening HIV homogeneous catalysis host-guest systems hydrazones hydrides hydroboration hydrocarbons hydroformylation hydrogen transfer hydrogenation Freedom International School C A # 33, Sector IV HSR Layout, Bangalore hydrolysis hydrosilylation hydrostannation hyperconjugation imides imines indium indoles induction inhibitors insertion iodine ionic liquids iridium iron isomerization The Brigade International School , Brigade Millenium JP Nagar Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar Bangalore ketones kinetic resolution lactams lactones lanthanides Lewis acids ligands lipids lithiation lithium macrocycles magnesium manganese Mannich bases medicinal chemistry metalation metallacycles metallocenes metathesis Michael addition Mitsunobu reaction molecular recognition molybdenum multicomponent reaction nanostructures natural products neighboring-group effects nickel nitriles nitrogen nucleobases nucleophiles nucleophilic addition nucleophilic National Centre For Excellence 154/1, “Victorian Enclave”, 5th Main, Malleshpalya, Bangalore aromatic substitution nucleosides nucleotides olefination oligomerization oligonucleotides oligosaccharides organometallic reagents osmium oxidation oxygen oxygenations ozonolysis palladacycles palladium peptides pericyclic reaction peroxides phase-transfer catalysis phenols pheromones phosphates phosphorus phosphorylation Adugodi Aga Abbas Ali Road Agaram Agrahara Dasara Halli Agrahara Dasarahalli Airport Exit Road Airport Main Road Airport Road Akkipet Ali Askar Road Alur Venkatarao Road Amarjyothi Layout Amruth Nagar Amrutha Halli Ananda Nagar Anandrao Circle Anche Palya Ane Palya Anekal Anjana Nagar Anubhava Nagar APMC Yard Arabic College Arakere Arcot Sreenivasachar Street Ashok Nagar Ashwath Nagar Attibele Attiguppe Austin Town Avala Halli Avenue Road B. Narayanapura Babusahib Palya Bagalagunte Bagalur Balaji Nagar Balepet Banashankari Banashankari 1st Stage Banashankari 2nd Stage Banashankari 3rd Stage Banaswadi Banaswadi Ring Road Bangalore G.P.O Bannerghatta Bannerghatta Road Bapuji Nagar Basappa Circle Basava Nagar Basavanagudi Basaveshwara Nagar Basaveshwara Nagar 2nd Stage Basaveshwara Nagar 3rd Block Basaveshwara Nagar 3rd Stage Basaveshwara Road Bazaar Street Begur BEL Road Bellandur Bellandur Outer Ring Road Bellary Road BEML Layout Benagana Halli Bendre Nagar Benson Town Bharati Nagar Bhattara Halli Bhoopasandra Bhuvaneshwari Nagar Bidadi Bileka Halli Bilekahalli Binny Mill Road Bismillah Nagar Bommana Halli Bommanahalli Kendriya Vidyalaya Malleswaram 18th Cross Malleswaram Bangalore Bommasandra Bommasandra Industrial Area Brigade Road Brindavan Nagar Brookefield Brunton Road BTM 1st Stage BTM 2nd Stage Bull Temple Road Palace Orchards/Sadashivnagar area located north city centre IITJEE property prices higher brackets possibly IITJEE up-market residential area in Bangalore M.G. Road/Brigade Road M.G. Road skmclasses.weebly.comBrigade Road main commercial areas Bangalore. Residential areas nearbyIITJEE Brunton Road Rest House Road, St. Mark’s Road skmclasses.weebly.comLavelle Road Airport Road/Indiranagar eastern suburb, Indiranagar is easily accessible IITJEE city centre Airport Koramangala Located south Indiranagar, Koramangala quite favourite IITJEE IT professionals Despite 7 kmsIITJEE city centre, property values Ulsoor scenic man-made lake Ulsoor seen a spurt building activity last few years.IITJEE proximityIITJEE M.G Road jacked up property prices here Jayanagar/J.P. Nagar/Banashankari proximity areas Electronic City main reason skmclasses.weebly.comtheir growth recent past Jayanagar largest colonies Asia skmclasses.weebly.comthese areas popular areas Bangalore. Jayanagara originally namedIITJEE Sri Jayachamarajendra wodeyar last king Mysore. Later Sri Kumaran Children’s Home Survey No 44 – 50, Mallasandra Village Uttarahalli Hobli, Off Kanakapura Main Road, Bangalore skmclasseslocality namedIITJEE current DD kendra is situated known IITJEE JC Nagar or Jayachamarajendra Nagar Delhi Public School, North Campus Survey No. 35/A, Sathanur Village Jala Hobli, Bangalore Jayanagar IITJEE literally Victory City Jayanagar IITJEE traditionally regarded IITJEE southern end Bangalore South End Circle “, wherein six roadsIITJEE different areas meet historic Ashoka Pillar mark southern end city bear this fact. newer extensions IITJEE taken away this distinctionIITJEE Jayanagar still remains one IITJEE southern parts city Malleshwaram Basavanagudi Malleshwaram north Bangalore, Basavanagudi south IITJEE areas oldest Bangalore residents IITJEE original inhabitants City. Malleswaram PSBB Learning Leadership Academy
# 52, Sahasra Deepika Road, Laxmipura Village, Off Bannerghatta Main Road Bangalore located actually north-west Bangalore derives IITJEE name IITJEE famous Kaadu Malleshwara temple 8th Cross in Malleshwaram, skmclasses.weebly.comGandhibazar/ DVG Road in Basavanagudi IITJEE popular areas in Bangalore skmclasses.weebly.comshopping during festival times. Malleswaram been homeIITJEE several important personalities skmclasses.weebly.cominstitutions. Bangalore’s own Nobel laureate, C.V. Raman, late Veena Doreswamy Iyengar M.Chinnaswamy cricket stadium is named, academician M.P.L. Sastry, poet G.P. Rajaratnam Dewan Seshadri Iyer institutions IITJEE Canara Union club Konkani-speaking people in 1930 IITJEE SKMClasses.weebly.comIITJEE this day hosts a variety cultural activities Malleswaram Association, hub area’s sporting activity since 1929 Chowdaiah Memorial hosting great names music skmclasses.weebly.comtheatre. AccordingIITJEE recent figures available IITJEE Bangalore Development Authority BDA Malleswaram’s net population density is 521 personsIITJEE hectare, Bangalore City Corporation standard is 352IITJEE hectare Sadhashivnagar Sadashivanagar arguably IITJEE elite skmclasses.weebly.comexpensive neighborhood in Bangalore India fashionable among politicians, movie starsIITJEE millionaires afford homes “Beverly Hills Bangalore,” having IITJEE address in Sadashivanagar connotes high level prestige success fame Vijayanagar derivesIITJEE nameIITJEE Vijayanagara empire IITJEE flourished in south India during 15th skmclasses.weebly.com16th centuries.Vijayanag ar East is popularly known IITJEE base RPC Layout (Railway Parallel Colony Layout), since this layout is along railway track. IITJEE recently renamed Hampi Nagar Hampi capital Vijayanagar Empire Vijayanagar houses a large Public Library, IITJEE is one largest in Karnataka Halasuru Halasuru formerly known IITJEE Ulsoor oldest neighbourhoods Indian city Bangalore predominant Tamil speaking population renowned numerous temples skmclasses.weebly.comrather narrow streets skmclassesprominant areas CityIITJEE Sanjay Nagar RT Nagar, Hebbal, Vyalikaval, Yeshwanthpur, Sriramapura, Rajajinagar, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Chickpet, Chamarajpet, V V Puram, Mavalli, Hanumanthanagar, Padmanabhanagar Hosakerehalli Sarakki, BTM Layout, Domlur, Gandhinagar, Vasanthanagar, Vivek Nagar, Cox Town, Frazer Town Benson Town Bangalore Roads Many roads Bangalore had European names South Parade Road, Albert Victor Road, Hardinge Road, Grant Road several roads Bangalore derived Delhi Public School Sarjapur, Bangalore East Survey No.43/1B & 45, Sulikunte Village, Dommasandra Post, Bangalore IITJEE military nomenclature Mahatma Gandhi Road MG Raod called IITJEE South Parade nomenclature Independence Edify School Electronic City
105, 34th Main, 23rd Cross, Sector-A, Surya Nagar Phase-2, Anekal-Chandapura Main Road, Electronic City Chamarajpet First Main Road named Albert Victor Road 1889 future King Edward VII renamed Alur Venkatarao Road,IITJEE well-known Kannada writer skmclasses.weebly.comprotagonist unification National Public School, Koramangala National Games Village Koramangala, Bangalore Kannada-speaking areas andlater shortened IITJEE A.V. Road. Avenue road earlier known Doddapete Infantry Road became Bhagavan Mahaveer Road 2004 Chamarajendra Park Jyothi Kendriya Vidyalaya Yelachenahalli, Kanakapura Road Bangalore IITJEE Cubbon Park IITJEE Sir Mark Cubbon British Commissioner Mysore mid-19th century. Fraser Town, IITJEE named Sir Stuart Fraser scholar tutor Maharaja Krishnaraja Wadiyar IV Pulakeshinagar. Hardinge Road old name Pampa Mahakavi Road. sometime, Cunningham Road crowded bazaar being called Sampangi Ramaswamy Temple Road Race Course Road became Devraj Urs Road National Public School, Rajajinagar 1036-A, Purandarapura, V Block, Rajajinagar, Bangalore skmclasses.weebly.comGrant Road became Vittal Mallya Road IITJEE two Vittal Mallya Roads skmclasses bund Sampangi Tank Kanteerava Stadium Gear Innovative International School GEAR Road, Doddakannelli, Off Sarjapur Road & Outer Ring Road, Bangalore IITJEE built MacIver Town Shantala Nagar Assayee Road Meanee Road those names commemoration wars fought Madras New Horizon Gurukul Ring Road Marathalli, Behind New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore , Bangalore IITJEE Sappers, BGS National Public School Ramalingeshwara Cave Temple Hulimavu, Bangalore IITJEE Presidency School (Bangalore – East) CA Site 7P1A, 2nd A Main, 3rd A cross, East of NGEF Layout, Kasturinagar, Bangalore British Army against Marathas first decade 19th century Basavanagudi, meaning temple Basava big bull situated area reason behind naming area Basavanagudi extension skmclassesformed around 1900. Gandhi Bazar, earlier known merely Angadi Beedhi School Of India Anekal Road, Bannerghatta, Bangalore skmclasses formed Kumarapark came skmclasses existence 1947, year Indian Independence, whereas Jayanagar skmclasses.weebly.comRajajinagarIITJEE thought year later 1948 orchards Bangalore Palace skmclasses developed housing colony skmclasses.weebly.comnamed Sadashivanagar 1960,IITJEE Orchids The International School Jalahalli, Nagarbavi, Mysore Road, Sarjapur Road, BTM, Bangalore well-known freedom fighter Dakshina Kannada Karnad Sadashiva Rao BVK Iyengar Road Byappana Halli Byatarayanapura Byrasandra C.V Raman Nagar Cambridge Layout Cambridge Road Cantonment Carmelaram Castle Street Central Street Chamarajapet Shanthi Theatre South End Circle INOX Shree Garuda Swagath Mall, 4th Floor, Tilak Nagar Main Road INOX Bangalore Central-2, 5th Floor, 45th Cross Maheshwari Theater Bannerghatta Main Road Gopalan Cinemas Gopalan Innovation Mall, JP Nagar 3rd Phase Chandapura Chandra Layout Global Academy For Learning Sri Chowdeshwari Farm, Near Global Village IT Park, National Public School, HSR Layout P2/32, Sector 4, HSR Layout Bangalore Pattanagere Main Road, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore Chickpet Chikkabanavara Chikkadugodi Chikkallasandra Chikkamavalli Cholara Palya Chowdeshwari Temple Street Chunchagatta Church Street Town CMH Road Coles Park Commercial Street Commissariat Road Cooke Town Corporation Circle Cottonpet Cox Town Crescent Road Cubbon Park Cubbon Road Cubbonpet Cunningham Road Dairy Circle Dasara Halli Dasarahalli Devaiah Park Devana Halli Devanahalli Devara Chikkana Halli Devara Jeevana Halli Devasandra Dharmaram College Dickenson Road Dispensary Road Dodda Banaswadi Dodda Bommasandra Dodda Kallasandra Dodda Kanna Hally Dodda Mavalli Doddaballapur Road Doddaballapura Doddana Kundi Dollars Colony Domlur Domlur 2nd Stage Domlur Ring Road Dooravani Nagar Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi Dr. DVG Road Delhi Public School, South 11 K.M., kanakapura Road Konanakunte Post, Bangalore Dr. Raj Kumar Road Dr. TCM Royan Road Ejipura Electronic City Field Marshal Cariappa Road Frazer Town Ganapathi Nagar Gandhi Bazaar Gandhi Nagar Ganga Nagar Gangadhar Chetty Road Ganigarpet Garvebhavi Palya Gavipuram Extension Gayathri Nagar Geddala Halli Geddalahalli Giri Nagar Giri Nagar 1st Phase Giri Nagar 2nd Phase GM Palya Gokula Golf Course Road Gorgunte Palya Govindaraj Nagar Green Park Extension, Guddada Halli Gundopanth Street National Public School, Indiranagar 12 A Main HAL II Stage, Bangalore H.Siddaiah Road Haines Road HAL HAL 2nd Stage HAL 3rd Stage HAL Airport Road Hampi Nagar Hanumantha Nagar Hayes Road HBR Layout Hebbal Kempapura Hebbal Ring Road Hegde Nagar Heggana Halli Hennur Hesaraghatta HKP Road HMT Layout Hongasandra Hoody Horamavu Hosakere Halli photochemistry photooxidation piperidines polyanions polycations polycycles polymers Porphyrins prostaglandins protecting groups Entrance Coaching IIT Entrance Coaching CLAT Entrance Coaching AICEE Coaching TANCET Entrance Coaching PMT Entrance Coaching Language Classes Spoken English Classes Spoken Hindi Classes Foreign Languages Coaching Spoken Kannada Classes Spoken Gujarati Classes Competitive Exams Coaching KMAT Coaching Online CAT Coaching GATE Coaching IBPS Coaching RRB Coaching Civil Services Coaching UGC Net Coaching SSB & NDA Coaching UPSC Coaching IAS Coaching TNPSC Coaching Accounts & Finance CA Training PHP & MySQL Training Spring Training Web Designing Training Administration Training VMWare Training ITIL Training SharePoint Training SAN Training Linux Administration Training Database Training Data Warehousing Training Database Testing Training HADOOP Training Oracle DBA Training SQL Server Training Programming Languages Java & J2EE Training C C++ Training Perl Programming Training Python Programming Training Shell Scripting Training Mobile Development Training Android Development Training iPhone Development Training Mobile Application Testing Training Mobile Gaming Training Mobile Application Development Training Oakridge International School Oakridge International School, Sarjapur Road, , Bangalore School of India, Bannerghatta, Bangalore Delhi Public School DPS North Campus, Yelahanka, Bangalore Jain International Residential School (JIRS), Jakkasandra Post, Bangalore Delhi Public School (DPS East), Sarjapur, Bangalore TREAMIS World School, Electronics City, Bangalore South Delhi Public School (South), Kanakapura Road, Bangalore The Deen’s Academy, Whitefield, Bangalore National Public School (NPS), Koramangala, Bangalore Royale Concorde International School, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore Freedom International School, HSR Layout, Bangalore Air Force School Army Public School Bangalore Military School BGS International School Cambridge Public School Delhi Public School Deva Matha Central School Jain International Residential School Kendriya Vidyalaya A M C School A.S.C Public School Amara Jyothi Public School Anand Shiksha Kendra ICSE Syllabus ACTS Secondary School B Mona High School Baldwin Boys High School Baldwin Girls High School Bishop Cotton Boys School Bishop Cotton Girls School Brigade School Candor International School Cambridge Public School Cathedral High School Chinmaya Vidyalay Christ Academy Ekya School Gnan Srishti School of Excellence Gopalan National School India International School IIS Lawrence School-ICSE New Horizon Public School Notre Dame Academy Paradise Residential School Patel Public School Podar International School Prakriya Green Wisdom School Primus School Ryan International School Sishu Griha St. Francis De Sales (SFS) High School Sherwood High Sri Kumaran Childrens Home St Francis School St Johns High School St Thomas Public School St. Patricks Academy St. Peters School Vibgyor High CBSE Syllabus AECS Magnolia Maaruti Public School Amaatra Academy Amrita Vidyalayam BGS-NPS School Brigade School BRS Global Centre for Excellence Capitol Public School CMR National Public School Delhi Public School East, South, North Edify School EuroSchool Freedom International School Geethanjali Montessori Geethanjali Vidhyalaya Gitanjali International School GISB Greengrove International School Gomathy Global School Harvest International School JSS Public School Kendriya Vidyalaya KV Manipal Tattva School Mirambika School for New Age NITTE International School National Centre for Excellence NCFE National Public School New Horizon Gurukul NHG Oakridge International School Presidency School PSBB LLA Padma Seshadri Bal Bhavan Radcliffe School Ravindra Bharathi Global School Sadhguru Sainath International School SSI Sri Kumaran Childrens Home Sunrise International Residential School Sujaya School The Samhita Academy Vagdevi Vilas School Venkat International Public School VIPS Vyasa International School Zee School IGCSE Syllabus Asia Pacific World School Krupanidhi Cambridge International School Candor International School Ekya School Gitanjali International GISB Greengrove International School Gomathy Global School Gopalan International School Harvest International School India International School (IIS) Oakridge International School Primus School Shibumi Trio World School International Baccalaureate IB Candor International School Oakridge International School (IB-PYP) State Board Amaatra Academy Lawrence School-State Board Paradise Residential School Primus School St. Francis De Sales (SFS) High School Sri Kumaran Childrens Home St Francis School Vagdevi Vilas School Special Schools Sri Rakum School for the blind Mirambika School for New Age Sri Aurobindo Shibumi (J. Krishnamurthi Aurinko Academy Chetana Kini Institute Samarthanam Residential School XSeed Schools Mirambika School New Age Sri Aurobindo Mother Teresa Public School curriculum Chrysalis High List of Schools Achievers International Academy ACTS Secondary School Amaatra Academy Amar Jyothi School Amrita Vidyalayam Army Public School Asia Pacific World School Aurinko Academy B Mona High School Baldwin Boys High School Baldwin Girls High School Bangalore International School Bangalore School Bethany High Bethany Junior School BGS-NPS School Bishop Cotton Boys School Bishop Cotton Girls School Brigade School British International School BRS Global Centre for Excellence BVM Global Cambridge Public School Candor International School Capitol Public School Cathedral High School Chinmaya Vidyalaya Christ Academy Chrysalis High CMR National Public School Delhi Public School Deva Matha Central School Edify School Ekya School EuroSchool Freedom International School Gear School Geethanjali Montessori Geethanjali Vidhyalaya Gitanjali International (GISB) Global Indian International School Gnan Srishti School Gomathy Global School Gopalan School Green County Public School Greengrove International School Greenwood High Harvest International School India International School Innisfree House School JSS Public School Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) Lawrence School ICSE Lawrence School-State Magnolia Maaruti Public School Manipal Tattva School Mirambika School for New Age Mother Teresa Public School National Centre for Excellence National Hill View Public School National Public School New Horizon Gurukul New Horizon Public School Nitte International School Notre Dame Academy Oakridge International School Oxford Public School Parachute Regiment School Paradise Residential School Patel Public School Podar International School Prakriya Green Wisdom School Presidency School Primus School PSBB LLA Radcliffe School Ravindra Bharathi Global School Ryan International School Sadhguru Sainath International School Samarthanam Residential School SFS High School Sherwood High Shibumi Silver Oaks Sishu Griha Sri Chaitanya Techno School Sri Kumaran Childrens Home Sri Rakum School for the blind St Francis School St Johns High School St Mira School St Thomas Public School St. Patrick’s Academy St. Peters School Sujaya School Sunrise International Residential School The Samhita Academy Trio World School Vagdevi Vilas School Venkat International Public School Vibgyor High Vidyaniketan School Vyasa International School Whitefield Global School Xseed Pre-School Zee School
Primary Years Programme Colegio Anglo Mexicano MEXICO Milgate Primary School, AUSTRALIA Diploma Programme Australian International School Indonesia Pejaten Campus INDONESIA Instituto Educativa Fiscomisional Celina Vivar Espinosa, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Juan de Salinas, ECUADOR Primary Years Programme Academia Moderna Charter, UNITED STATES Beacon School BRAZIL Dr. Orlando Edreira Academy, School 26, UNITED STATES Westhill Institute Carpatos Elementary Campus, MEXICO Westhill Institute, S.C. MEXICO Middle Years Programme Cooper Academy, UNITED STATES European International School VIETNAM Mark Bills Middle School UNITED STATES Mount Washington School UNITED STATES UCSI International School MALAYSIA Diploma Programme Cass Technical High School, UNITED STATES Colegio Experimental Juan Montalvo, ECUADOR Colegio Miguel Moreno Ordoñez de Cuenca ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Ibarra ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Mariano Benítez ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Velasco Ibarra, ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Veracruz, ECUADOR Colegio Pedro Vicente Maldonado ECUADOR Colegio Técnico 12 de Febrero, ECUADOR Colegio Técnico Fiscomisional Ecuador Amazónico, ECUADOR Colegio de Bachillerato Limón ECUADOR King Fahd Academy Bonn GERMANY Saudi Schools Moscow RUSSIAN FEDERATION Unidad Educativa 17 de Julio ECUADOR Unidad Educativa 12 de Febrero ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Bernardo Valdivieso ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Dayuma ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Federico González Suárez ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional Fray Bartolomé de las Casas ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional Juan Pablo II ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional San José de Calasanz ECUADOR Unidad Educativa León Ruales ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Nacional Napo ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Temporal Camilo Gallegos Dominguez ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Temporal Manuel Córdova Galarza ECUADOR Primary Years Programme Campus International School, UNITED STATES Carl Hankey K-8 School UNITED STATES Christa McAuliffe Elementary School UNITED STATES Goethe International Charter School , UNITED STATES Hammond Eastside Elementary Magnet School, UNITED STATES Hawthorne Elementary School UNITED STATES Idlewild Elementary School, UNITED STATES J. Colin English Elementary UNITED STATES Jose de Escandon Elementary, UNITED STATES Lincoln Elementary School, UNITED STATES Qingdao Amerasia International School CHINA Roland Park K-8 Magnet School for International Studies, UNITED STATES Theodore Roosevelt Elementary School, UNITED STATES Woodrow Wilson Elementary UNITED STATES Middle Years Programme Cache La Poudre Middle School, UNITED STATES Carl Hankey K-8 School, UNITED STATES Cedar Shoals High School UNITED STATES Concord High School, UNITED STATES Harry Stone Montessori Academy, UNITED STATES International School of Monterey, UNITED STATES Johnnie R. Carr Middle School, UNITED STATES Prairie Seeds Academy, UNITED STATES Roland Park K-8 Magnet School, UNITED STATES Sterling Middle School UNITED STATES The Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad, INDIA Diploma Programme Ausangate Bilingual School PERU Author’s School Istochnik RUSSIAN FEDERATION Colegio Fiscal Técnico El Chaco ECUADOR Colegio Juan Bautista Montini ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Ciudad de Cuenca ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Experimental Salcedo, ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Machachi, ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Mixto El Playon, ECUADOR Colegio Técnico Cascales, ECUADOR Dar al Marefa Private School, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Escola Internacional del Camp SPAIN Gymnasium Jovan Jovanovic Zmaj SERBIA ISTEK Private Acibadem Schools TURKEY Instituto Superior Tecnológico Carlos Cisneros ECUADOR Instituto Superior Tecnológico Daniel Alvarez Burneo ECUADOR Instituto Técnico Superior Isabel de Godin ECUADOR King Abdulaziz Saudi School Rome ITALY Riga State Gymnasium Nr. 2 LATVIA Saudi School Vienna AUSTRIA State IS Seeheim Jugenheim/Schuldorf Bergstrasse GERMANY Unidad Educativa Bolívar, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Abelardo Moncayo, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Fiscomisional Verbo Divino, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Mayor ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Nueva Semilla, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Temporal Juan Bautista Vásquez, ECUADOR Primary Years Programme Ajman Academy UNITED ARAB EMIRATES British International School Kiev UKRAINE Cache La Poudre Elementary School, UNITED STATES Dr. Thomas S. O Connell Elementary School UNITED STATES Gems World Academy Abu Dhabi UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Hebron-Harman Elementary School, UNITED STATES International School of Solothurn, SWITZERLAND Lisa-Junior Primary School AUSTRIA Madison Richard Simis Elementary School, UNITED STATES Miina Härma Gümnaasium, ESTONIA Riffenburgh Elementary School UNITED STATES Roscoe Wilson Elementary School, UNITED STATES Singapore International School INDIA William H. Wharton K-8 Dual Language Academy UNITED STATES World Academy of Tirana, ALBANIA École Centrale, CANADA École Micheline-Brodeur CANADA École Saint-Édouard, CANADA École élémentaire catholique Jean-Paul II CANADA Özel Istanbul Coskun Koleji Anaokulu & Ilkokulu TURKEY Middle Years Programme Abraham Lincoln Middle School UNITED STATES Beijing Huijia Private School CHINA Cakir Middle School TURKEY Durango High School UNITED STATES Emirates IS Meadows, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Madison International School, MEXICO Meadow Park Middle School, UNITED STATES North Central High School, UNITED STATES Phuket International Academy Day School THAILAND Ray Wiltsey Middle School UNITED STATES Rockridge Secondary School CANADA School Lane Charter School UNITED STATES Strothoff International School Rhein-Main Campus Dreieich GERMANY Tsukuba International School JAPAN École Père-Marquette, CANADA École secondaire Saint-Luc, CANADA Diploma Programme Anania Shirakatsy Armenian National Lyceum Ed’l Complex-CJSC, ARMENIA COLEGIO ALAUDA SPAIN Colegio Británico, MEXICO Colegio Nacional Camilo Gallegos Toledo ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Experimental Amazonas, ECUADOR Colegio Nacional Experimental María Angélica Idrobo, ECUADOR Colegio Nacional San José, ECUADOR Eastern Mediterranean International School, ISRAEL Emirates National School UNITED ARAB EMIRATES GEMS American Academy Abu Dhabi, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES German International School Sharjah UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Instituto Tecnológico Superior Angel Polibio Chaves, ECUADOR International School Moshi Arusha Campus TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF International School of Bydgoszcz POLAND Ludoteca Elementary & High School, Padre Víctor Grados, ECUADOR Léman International School Chengdu CHINA Metropolitan School of Panama, PANAMA Munic. Atms. Educ. Institution Kogalym Secondary School ?8, RUSSIAN FEDERATION Phorms Bilingual Gymnasium, GERMANY Royal High School, UNITED STATES SIS Swiss International School Stuttgart-Fellbach, GERMANY Seedling Public School INDIA The British School of Beijing CHINA Unidad Educativa Fiscal Experimental del Milenio, ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Juan de Velasco ECUADOR Unidad Educativa Tumbaco, ECUADOR École secondaire Gaétan Gervais, CANADA École secondaire Hanmer CANADA Stonehill International School American School of Bombay Mumbai Day school offering PYP MYP DP Dhirubhai Ambani International School Mumbai Day school offering DP Ecole Mondiale World School, Mumbai Day school offering DP Jamnabai Narsee School Mumbai Day school offering DP Ahmedabad International School Ahmedabad Day School offering PYP Mahatma Gandhi International School Ahmedabad Day school offering MYP Mahindra United World College of India Pune Boarding school offering DP Mercedes-Benz International School Pune American Embassy School Delhi Day school offering DP The British School, Delhi Day school offering DP Pathways World School, Gurgaon Boarding school offering PYP DP SelaQui World School, Dehra Dun Boarding school offering DP Canadian International School, Bangalore Mixed Boarding Day school offering DP International School of Bangalore, Bangalore Mixed Boarding Day school offering DP Oakridge International School Hyderabad Day school offering PYP Chinmaya International Residential School Coimbatore Boarding school offering DP Good Shepherd International School Ooty Boarding school offering DP Kodaikanal International School, Kodaikanal Boarding school offering DP Home Tuition Group teachers available small groupsstudents IB International Baccalaureate Programme, IGCSE, ISc, ICSE, CBSE Schools offering IB ( International Baccalaureate ) Programme Bangalore International School Geddalahalli Hennur Bagalur Road Kothanur Post Bengaluru India 560 077 Stonehill International School, 1st Floor, Embassy Point #150, Infantry Road Bengaluru 560 001 Stonehill International School 259/333/334/335 Tarahunise Post Jala Hobli, Bengaluru North 562157 Candor International School Begur Koppa Road, Hullahalli Off Bannerghatta Road, Near Electronic City Bangalore 560105 Greenwood High International School Bengaluru, No.8-14, Chickkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli Gunjur Post, Varthur Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560087 Sarla Birla Academy, Bannerghatta, Bangalore, Canadian International School, Yelahanka, Bangalore Indus International School Billapura Cross Sarjapur Bangalore

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