Results 2008 Science Olympiads

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you will get most videos. I say most because I do not upload all videos that I make. I have many more videos which are not in the net.



The following Videos are available for you ( As of Now ). These explain tricky Physics and Mathematics Numericals.

Eventually I will try to give Videos for full course here for you.

These covers PU ( Pre University courses, school / college ) courses, IIT JEE, AIEEE ( All India Engineering Entrance Examination ) , CET ( Combined Engineering Test ), AIPMT ( All India Pre Medical Test ), ISc ( Intermediate Science / Indian School Certificate Exam ), CBSE ( Central Board Secondary Exam ), Roorkey Joint Entrance Test Questions ( Discontinued since 2002 ), APhO ( Asian Physics Olympiad ), IPhO ( International Physics Olympiad ), IMO ( International Mathematics Olympiad ) , NSEP ( National Standard Exam in Physics ), RMO ( Regional Math Olympiad , India ), INMO ( Indian National Maths Olympiad ), Irodov Solutions, Prof. H C Verma ( Concepts of Physics ) Solutions etc.

( You can see the history of Indian Participation in various Olympiads at -> )

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Answers to -> Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) [ commonly asked intelligent Questions 🙂 ]

1 ) How do I prepare for IIT ?

Ans : – See the videos made by me ( search for videos in
Though we have many more which have not been uploaded ). While watching the videos, take notes and try to solve the problems yourself by pausing the video. Tell me if any calculation is wrong. See the videos with 1- first then 2- and so on. Write to IAPT Kothrud, Pune office to buy ( 150 Rs approx ) the book with previous papers of NSEP ( National Standard Exam in Physics – The 1st level ), INPhO ( Indian National Physics Olympiad – 2nd level ). Prepare with these and see how much you are scoring. You can guess your ALL INDIA rank easily from NSEP, and INPhO rank. Since 1998 the IIT JEE toppers have been mostly representing India in IPhO.

2 ) Which codec and Player do I use to see the videos ?

Ans : – You can use GOM Player, or VLC Player. You have to have good speakers with filters or good earphones with filters. We have checked mostly it is OK with these. ( If you are depending only on your embedded speakers of computer /screen / keyboard then there may be extra distortions. As these speakers are often not of good Quality. Also install latest KL Codecs ) In any case reduce the volume see the board, imagine sitting in the last bench and solving the problems of your own. See if your solution differs anywhere with the scribbles on the board.

3 ) Why are you giving these ( high Quality ) lecture for free ?

Ans : Well there are lot of good things free in this world. Linux, My-SQL, Open-Office ….. Go to sourceforge and get thousands of high quality software free along with source code. Yes all officially free …. Why do you think Richard Stallman, Zimmerman, ….. etc are considered Guru philosophers ? In Punjab and Gurudwaras worldwide there are so many Langars where you get better food than Restaurants. ….. why ? Why do you have Dharmasalas and subsidized rest rooms near hospitals / Famous Temples / various places ? in Iftar party anyone can eat for free …. why ?

I am teaching since 1989 I have observed most students can do much better if they have the self motivation to solve and practice. Cheap books are available in second hand bookstalls, where you get thousands of Numericals to solve ….. but most students will like to blow their time going and coming for tuition, travel time …. TV for hours and hours watching cricket / Tennis games, playing computer games …. My free lectures are not going to make much difference in spending of unnecessary money for coaching ….. I know very well , how much people enjoy …. ! spending unnecessarily !!

Do you know that there are NO poor / needy students in Bangalore.

Sometime back I had tried to teach for IIT JEE FREE. Discussed with a few NGOs and social service guys. Arranged rooms but got only 1 student. We had informed many people in many ways to inform students …. We did not get students who are ready to learn for free. So I am sure these lectures are NOT FREE. If anyone learns from these, s/he changes and that’s the gain / benefit. This change ( due to learning ) is very costly …. Most do not want to learn ………..

search for videos in
You will get most videos. I say most because I do not upload all videos that I make. I have many more videos which are not in the net.


4 ) How can I get all your lectures ?

Ans : – Apart from my lectures there are approx 700 GB of PCM ( Phy, Chem, Math ) lectures. It takes approx 3 years of continuous download from scattered sources. I have ( 20,000 )Thousands of these. You can take ALL of them from me in an external 1 TB hard disk, instead of spending so much money and time again for downloading. These cover ( by Various Professors ) everything of Chemistry, Physics, Maths… Lot of this is from outside India … as foreigners have much wider heart than Indians ( as most of GNU / open source software have been developed by Non-Indians ). I observed the gaps in these videos, and thus I am solving IIT, APhO, Roorkey, IPhO Numericals. Videos made by me along with these videos gives a complete preparation.

Send me a mail at to contact me.

search for videos in
You will get most videos. I say most because I do not upload all videos that I make. I have many more videos which are not in the net.


5 ) How do you get benefited out of this ?

Ans :- If anyone learns we all will have better people in this world. I will have better “ YOU “.

6 ) Why do you call yourself a Zookeeper ?

Ans :- This is very nicely explained at


7 ) Where do you stay ?

Ans :- Presently I am in Bangalore.


8 ) If I need videos in a few topics can you make them for me ?

Ans :- We actively answers doubts at doubtpoint.
In case you appreciate our time and efforts involved in answering complicated Questions, then get Quality answers at doubtpoint.


9 ) Why did you write an article saying there are No Poor students ?

Ans :- There are lots of NGOs and others working for rural / poor children education at lower classes. While very less effort is on for std 9 till 12. Also see the answer in question number ( 3 ) above. In more than 2 decades of teaching I never met a Poor child who was seriously interested in ( higher ) studies. As I have a mind / thinking of a ” Physicist “, I go by ” Experimental Observation “.

It is not about what is being said about poor in media / TV etc, or ” what it should be ” ( ? ) …. It is about what I see happening. Also to add ( confuse ? you more )…. You must be knowing that in several states over many years now girl students have better ( by marks as well as by pass percentage ) result in std 10 / Board Exams….. well but NEVER a girl student came FIRST in IIT JEE … why ? [ The best rank by a Girl student is mostly in 2 digits, very rarely in single digit ] ????? So ????


10 ) How much do I have to study to make it to IIT ?

Ans :- My experience of Teaching for IIT JEE since 1989, tells me, Total 200 hours per subject ( PCM ) is sufficient. If you see my Maths and Physics videos, each subject is more than 200 hours. So if someone sees all the videos diligently, takes notes and remembers, …… Done.


11 ) What is EAMCET ?

Ans :- Engineering Agriculture and Medicine Common Entrance Test is conducted by JNT University Hyderabad on behalf of APSCHE. This examination is the gateway for entry into various professional courses offered in Government/Private Colleges in Andhra Pradesh.

12 ) In your videos are you covering other Exams apart from IIT ?

Ans : – Yes. See many videos made by solving problems of MPPET, Rajasthan / J&K CET, UPSEAT ( UPES Engineering Aptitude Test ), MHCET, BCECE ( Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board ), WB JEE etc


13 ) What is SCRA ?

Ans : – Special Class Railway Apprentice (SCRA) exam is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) board, for about 10 seats.That translates into an astonishing ratio of 1 selection per 10,000 applicants. The SCRA scheme was started in 1927 by the British, to select a handful of most intelligent Indians to assist them in their Railway Operations, after training at their Railway’s largest workshop, i.e. Jamalpur Workshop, and for one year in United Kingdom. The selected candidates were required to appear in the Mechanical Engineering Degree Examination held by Engineering Council (London).

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No one in India plays Hockey nor Kabaddi. It is only a GK ( Rare Knowledge ) question that when or how many times did India win an Olympic Gold in Hockey. Is Kabaddi played in Olympics ?

Can and should urban Indian children know how is Kabaddi played ? ( I do not propose that as I see no reasons to do so ).


Well then what is Indian students good at ?????????????

( Is it only preparing for IIT JEE ? )


Some “ elite / progressive / educated / urban-smart “ parents have designed an “ excuse “ to satisfy / pacify their ego …. By …. Saying ….

Indian students now do not play ( no Athletics / parallel bar / Gymnastics etc ) but are good in studies ……..



2008 IBO ( International Biology Olympiad ) was hosted by India at Mumbai. How much coverage by various news papers / news channels did we see regarding this ?



The medals in the Science Olympiads are given approximately as per following tradition –


Only 1/3 rd of the total participants get a medal. So if there are total 300 participants then only 100 will get some medal.

The Gold – Silver – Bronze are distributed in ratio of 1 : 2 : 3


So amongst 100 participants getting a medal approx 16 / 17 will get a Gold. 34 will get a Silver medal and 49 / 50 of them approx will get a Bronze medal.


In all the Science Olympiads Chinese students had FANTASTIC performance; with SEVERAL Gold medals. Almost ALL Chinese participants won Gold medals.


1 ) at IMO ( International Mathematics Olympiad ) – At Madrid Spain Indian Team came distant 31 st. ( 6 member Team got 5 Bronze medals ! )

Since 1989 India has been participating in IMO and had hosted it in 1996. Several times at least one Indian participant had got Gold, with Team rank in Single digits.


Most Mathematics teachers ( in general ) I have met are clueless about the standard of the IMO problems. The IMO problems do not match the IIT JEE course / pattern. In India good students are primarily interested in IIT JEE…… so ………..



2 ) at ICO / IChO ( International Chemistry Olympiad ) – At Budapest Hungary, Indian team bagged 3 silver and 1 Bronze medals.



3 ) At IBO ( International Biology Olympiad ) – At Mumbai, Indian team bagged only 1 Gold Medal and 2 Silver and 1 Bronze medals.



4 ) At IPhO ( International Physics Olympiad ) – At Hanoi, Vietnam Indian team bagged 4 Gold medals and 1 Silver. ( 3 rd Rank behind China and Taiwan where all 5 participants got Gold medals )!


The IPhO course / level is very similar to IIT JEE. In past some IIT JEE questions were ditto copied from previous year IPhO questions. So in future also Indian students should do well in IPhO.



5 ) At Asian Physics Olympiad – At Ulaanbaatar Mongolia the std 11 ( Indian ) students did not  get any medals. While all 8 Chinese Students got Gold medals.




6 ) International Cyber / informatics…… astronomy ……. Robot Olympiad ……………………

( You search out and you will know )


It needs guts to say … “ The king has no clothes … “.

I have intelligence to understand that ( including me ) we Indians are NOT good at studies ….. nor in anything !




A partial history of Indian participation in IPhO can be seen at –


If you read up-to this can you paste the link ( and inform ) of this article in various blogs and reports ?



Thanks and regards





The students of Std 10, 11 and 12 who think they are good in Chemistry, Physics etc please contact their school teachers / Principals for participation in the selection tests conducted in October every year.

If the school or the teacher is not yet member of IAPT / IACT then has to send a self addressed stamped envelop of Rs 5/- AND a self addressed post card to the IAPT Central Office, at Kanpur, to become Life member of these great organisations.

IAPT      L117/302 Naveen Nagar, Kanpur – 208025

The Teachers should also send Self addressed stamped ( Rs 5/- ) envelop and self addressed post card to

128/2 J.P. Naik Road, I.I.E. Campus, Kothrud

You can contact me by email at

– Subhashish Chattopadhyay

In case you are interested in Physics and Mathematics you can learn freely from my videos. You can see them at


8 thoughts on “Results 2008 Science Olympiads

  1. The olympiad results are an indicator of a larger phenomenon. Our kids are not studying well, period. Recently there was a discussion about performance of MBBS doctors in the MD entrance examinations. 10 Years back, scores used to rise as high as 80%. But these days, 60% is the norm. The minimum cut-off has come as low as 50% – really the minimum prescribed by the court.

    We’re doing “only that is enough” in studies, we are not zealous anymore.

    I think it’s part of the “chalta hai attitude” epidemic. We Indians have forgotten to strive for great heights, and are contended with just earn a salary enough to feed the family.

    I think this may stem in part from the poor performance of India as a country in many fields of human development (health, literacy, justice etc), and also in part from the growing westernization.

    What India needs to curb this: The prize for national level olympiads should be telecast on TV, so that children can think “reality shows are not the only way to appear on TV, you can study to get there as well”. There should be career counselors cum motivators in every school, and they should actually come to the school and motivate the children periodically.

    There are too many things to say, but I’ll cut it short here: I once saw a 3-year old kid in America say to his parents “Dad you’re not allowing me to live my life”. In India, I’ve seen even 30-year olds who do not know how to live their life!


  2. I totally agree with you. We as a nation are starved of achievements, be it in sports or education. We have been an embarrassment in the sports’ Olympics since long and now even in the education one we are falling behind.


  3. I am embarrassed to read the results of the various science olympiads. We as a nation are not growing intellectually at all as the results prove despite claiming to be education oriented. We were never good at sports as it was not encouraged at all. we r resting on past laurels and the level is coming down in all areas of education. Even in IT it is difficult to find competent resources among fresh graduates. It is becoming too easy to become engg graduates and even easier to get IT related jobs. There is no striving to be the best…there is no thirst for knowledge…there is no drive at all. Until and unless there is a determination to be successful (that again needs to be defined) we will continue to be mediocre.


  4. Interesting site. My nephew topped his school in the recently held NSF exams. There are multiple reasons for our poor performance @ international level. To list out few: Our approach to education is theory oriented rather than practicals. This makes children cram for the exam instead of really understanding stuff. Also awarness about such competition is very low. I don’t think it would make much difference if you come to know about such exams at 10th or 12th level – by that time the child is well on his/her way of becoming a ‘lakir kaa fakir’ instead of developing the thinking faculty.


  5. Hi,

    Do you have email id of parents of your friends
    and ( parents of good students of std 9 ) ?

    Can you please tell them to see

    This has links for lots of questions papers. Students can start preparing by downloading these questions.

    Also I got quite a few queries on Math questions.

    AMTI – Association of Maths Teachers of India has a few FANTASTIC and cheap books.

    These have collections of very interesting problems ( for below std 12 ). For just 20 -30 Rs each these books can be great asset for every student and every library.

    Can you please tell the parents to directly write to AMTI with self address and stamp paid envelops to get these books ?

    For American Chemical Society papers go to its site and click on Education then click on Olympiads

    Then you may search for the papers and download.

    Australian science Olympiad questions are at

    Also see links under teaching option in

    Hope this helps


  6. i knew this was always coming. the middle class kids who are studying in elitist public schools are actually good for nothing. their parents,by luck or by their corrupt grandfathers had money,so they were able to send these stupid blokes into such schools. These kids,influenced by their stupid parents talk big and do nothing. All their concentration is on marks,marks and more marks.they wanna become CEOs of company that is their ambition of life. And more over parent of these kids,especially those who work in IT companies thinking that they are engineers, are also relatively stupid. So like parents,like kids. Thats why neither india is leading in sports like oz or in science like eastern europe. Even british india were able to prouce scientists of higher calibre like Raman, Bhabha etc. If rote learning is still there, then we cannot achieve anything in life


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