Spellings Redefined

Very Hilarious [ or is it Hillarious ] … Indians ( Particularly South [ SaaUooth ] Indians ) could enjoy such interesting spellings …

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( This was at AP ( Haritha ) Guest House Horseley Hills View Point )

Seen in a Hotel at Nelamangala


Initially as I saw the menu card; I thought it is a new fashion statement

or may be ” Cuisine Redefined

But soon recalled that Shakespeare had shaken the world with 3000 new words.

Nelamangala itself is a spelling mistake … Lot of People pronounce ” e ” as ” a ” 

So Nelamangala is pronounced as Nalamangala. Nala in Bengali is drain. At Nalamangala I did not see any dirty smelling drains. So surely it is a spelling mistake.

The Guy touching the Red Car is a spelling Mistake ( Because of the Huge Tummy )

He is so stupid that he writes ” Garland ” spelling as Girl-land …

Now an assumed spelling mistake in color ( or is it colour ? )

Lot of Stupid people would be ” { more / or / less } ” happy if the Red and Green are interchanged ( due to spelling mistake ) in the above figure. 

The Karate Instructor of SKM Classes breaks tiles with his head.

[ Thats why he is having his job ]

He writes India spelling as Endya