SLV full form no one knows – May be Sri Lakshmi Venkateshwara or may be Srilakshmi Venkat

You can get everything with SLV ( well almost ) …

SLV Wines, SLV Shoes, SLV condiments, SLV WaterSLV pest services, SLV Chicken,

SLV Juice, SLV Crane, SLV Construction, SLV Men’s Parlor and Mens Parlour ( whatever ),

SLV Mental Health, Satellite Launching Vehicle  …

Except SLV Broccoli and SLV IIT JEE

See below SLV security services Authorized Signatory spelling …

Satellite Lunching Vehicle

SLV Ambulance Services

SLV Aqua

SLV Bags

SLV Gents Beauty Parlour

SLV Borewell works

SLV Broccoli is Known as SKM Classes Broccoli

if you find any shop named SLV Broccoli then eat all the Broccoli of the shop without paying anything

SLV Ceramics

SLV Chicken Center & Poultry Farms

SLV Condiments


SLV Courier

SLV Crane Services

SLV Condiments and Fashion

SLV Cycle

SLV Groups of Data Solutions

SLV Developers

SLV Electricals

SLV Ratnagiri Enclave

SLV Fresh Chicken

SLV Fruits & Vegetables

SLV Ganga Nivas

SLV Gents Beauty Parlour

SLV Global

SLV Hotel


SLV Juice Centre

SLV Juice Centre ( Big fight with Center )

SLV Juice Paradise

SLV Condiments

SLV Laundry

SLV Manpower Solutions

Mens also must have more SLV Parlourssssssssssss

SLV Mental Health Program is the Best

SLV Milk Parlour

SLV Mini Tempo Service

SLV Mobile

SLV Lights is more than Light


SLV Star Life style residencies


SLV Structures

SLV Family Restaurant

SLV Outsourcing

SLV Pipes and Material

SLV Park View

SLV Pest Control Services


SLV Play Zone

SLV Paly Zone

SLV Play Zone

SLV Play Zone

SLV Projects

SLV Retail Fixtures

SLV = Satellite Launching Vehicle ( or is it Lunching Vehicle ? )

SLV Security Services

SLV security services Authorized Signatory spelling …

SLV Shoes


SLV Spices and Masala


SLV Statiionary and Bags

SLV Structures

SLV Ladies Tailors or Tailor [ It keeps varying between no or zero Tailor, to Tailor to Tailors ]

SLV Technologies

SLV Total Services


SLV University



SLV Own your own Space or Won your own space ?

SLV Video Player ( or Vedio Player )

SLV Water Supply

SLV Tanker Services

SLV Water Supply

SLV Tankers and ( Wines )

SLV Wines

SLV Engineering

SLV Industries

SLV Security Services

SLV Transports

SLV Astro Solutions  ( Are you finding it difficult to fall in Love ? )

SLV = Solutions to Love { LuV }

Love Marriage Problems Solved ( Love redefined )

SLV Technical

SLV Aluminium

Actually SLV stands for Seductive Las Vegas

SLV IIT JEE Coaching is ( May or May not be ) known as SKM Classes

( )

[ Dangerous ]

Disclaimer :

SLV CET coaching is not good. But SKM IIT JEE coaching is NOT Sri Krishnamurthy ‘s IIT JEE

For sure SLV does not have any Copy Wright ( or Right ) { or Write }